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Americans Stood Up to Stop War with Syria! Will We Feel Emboldened to Stop NSA Spying, DHS and More?

Stopping war with Syria was our first victory against the New World Order ever in history. Our owners are on the ropes. Now is the time to redouble our efforts to put our elite rulers in their place for eternity and put an end to US Government Tyranny forever.

Who's with me?

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What do you suggest?

I wrote this little rant because of my frustration with others:


Keeping in mind that I have been trying to get people in my area motivated to take stand against nsa spying, but the new iphone5 seems to be more the rage.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

missouri votes in their state

missouri votes in their state senate soon on whether to nullify the feds on gun control. That would be a big win too.

If Russia is smart

They will infiltrate the Syrian rebels.

The rebels seem surprisingly equipped with large amounts of recording devices.

The rebels also just 'happen' to have these devices available each time a supposed 'attack' occurs.

Proving what we all suspect (staged attacks) would go a long way towards defusing the current state of affairs in Syria.

Continuing to push for the removal of John McCain and Lindsey Graham should remain high on our priority list here, they are the supreme detractors of Ron & Rand Paul and our message of Liberty.

Should certain TV News reporters be fired for failure?

Certain MSM news reporters were charged with finishing the Project for a New American Century Plan and convincing the public to go to war with Syria and Iran.

If my children have to go to

If my children have to go to war for any more globalist banksters, I will instruct my children to hunt down globalist banksters and kill them the first chance they get.

We have the names and Google Earth locations of all of them.

Coloradoans stood up to the

Coloradoans stood up to the gun NAZI's... there is hope.

I can't wait to read about it

I can't wait to read about it tomorrow.

ConstitutionHugger's picture

I'll git my pitch fork and torch!

and my keyboard and the email addresses of my representatives!

They say, "The pen is

They say, "The pen is mightier than the sword". I'm beginning to believe that.

But there's always the alternative.

Do you feel emboldened?

Do you feel emboldened?