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Bashar Al Assad I believe is innocent, CBS/Westinghouse more likely guilty, Following the Money Trail

I went to President Assad's personal website which surprisingly is in English and found an interview between CBS's Charlie Rose and Assad done yesterday and read the transcript and watched the video. Assad claims he is against the use of chemical weapons. He says Kerry provided no evidence just like Colin Powell claimed WMD's in Iraq but provided no evidence. Where it gets confusing is where he doesn't confirm nor deny that they have chemical weapons which basically in my interpretation admits he has chemical weapons, but argues that he never used them. I would tend to believe if he just killed a bunch of people, he'd be weary of giving interviews with journalists from the United States. I tending to believe he's innocent and that the media is whipping us into war. My evidence of that is because CBS is owned by Westinghouse. Westinghouse is the 3rd largest weapons manufacturer in the United States. In fact it makes weapons in 24 states including Nuclear weapons along with Nuclear power plants. Weapons manufacturers need wars and governments to stay in business. Jesse Ventura always says. "Want to know who's responsible?....Follow the money." I cant say for certain who's responsible but I can say I don't trust manufacturers of military and Nuclear weapons because they got to sell them somehow and our country always jumps to action whenever anyone says the word terrorists. Weapons manufacturers need war, politicians need money from weapons manufactures and it's perfect set up for a weapons manufacturer to own a national media outlet to sell it via false flags operations. To a weapons manufacturer, the word Terrorist = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ This is a good probability for why the US has to be the worlds policeman and explains why we have attacked by bombing, sabotage, and attempted government overthrows in 53 countries since WWII.

How the Media manipulates the World into War

The Assad interview transcript on his website


The Assad interview video


Info on CBS/Westinghouse


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Today it was found out

by German intelligence, through phone wire tapping that he had chemical weapons but told his staff not to use them. I knew he was innocent. Also our intelligence which I think should be relabeled stupidity admitted that they really had no evidence on him. Here's an idea. Why don't we demand lie detector tests on our world leaders, like Reagan did to his own staff. Putin also got Assad to agree to handing over the chemical weapons.

A puppet show

While we are distracted by threats of Attack upon Syria by Obama and fellow zio-Roth puppets the intentional curency collapse third cycle is upon us.

So while the puppets on stage threaten to blow up the audiance the theives go around stealing peoples homes and property leading those who resist off to corporate slave prisons.

Best to not watch this puppet show and start thinking about food water, guns and butter. When they stop talking about the national debt thats the time to watch out.

PS if your real about follow the money do not blame some corporation as if it has its own life. Those corporations serve the purpose of hiding true ownership and hiding those who call the shots and are responsible for what those corps do. All trails lead to only one human family name.

Blaming a corporation is like blaming a rock that was used to commit a murder. The rock is not responsible nor is the corp. But in the dis info game they definatly love to blam the corps the multi nationals the media war complex. These are all red herrings to hide the zionist leader family name.


Assad and Westingouse promote violence

It is also logical that Assad and Westinghouse are both evil. They feed off of each others needs. Same with Al Quaeda and the CIA etc. No conspiracy just mutual business.

I like your post by the way. The weapons industry and all of the other warindustries from surveillance to human services need perpetual conflict. Same with the welfare system. Welfare pimps in government need Johns and whores.

Our economy will tank if we curtail warfare and welfare. We need to be prepared for that.

"Our economy will tank if we curtail warfare and welfare."

Seriously you've got to be kidding. It is warfare and welfare (most of which goes to the rich) which is tanking our economy now. Eliminate it, and you would see the largest boom in history.

I agree with you, however, that the MICs economy will tank if we curtail warfare and welfare.

Why is Assad evil?

I want reasons for your claim. Personally, I doubt he's any worse than any other 'leader' out there. If graduating to the level of President/Prime Minister automatically makes one evil, then fine, all heads of state are evil, but at least say that.
But I don't know of Assad droning the heck out of other countries. I don't know that Assad premeditatively targeted and murdered Syrian citizens. I don't know that Assad deliberately creates friction between the different people living in Syria.
As far as I know he's done none of those things so his perhaps incompetance in improving the economy in Syria is not unlike every other country.
I'm with Dan. I do not believe Assad used weapons against his people as there's much more evidence pointing toward the insurgents.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison

Syria is a socialist dictatorship

And Assad is JUST as evil as any other "leader" out there would be a better way to put it.

All rulers belong to the parasite class, and only siphon wealth rather then create it, while their friends and those who are best leveraged to abuse the power of legal force receive protection from competitive markets and kickbacks from the wealth siphon.

A common point is that "Assad gassed his own people". Like it's some kind of abomination for a ruler to gas his own human property. That's why for folks, it matters whether or not he did it. I prefer to see the abomination in owning human property.


Re: Syria is a socialist dictatorship

What....The United States isn't? Cubans are going back to Cuba because it's less communist in Cuba lol

No argument from me.

I just get upset when people support one authoritarian state in spite of another.