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Massive 'Comet Of The Century' Could Light Skies Up For Weeks In December, January

Massive 'Comet Of The Century' Could Light Skies Up For Weeks In December, January

September 10, 2013 5:35 PM

BALTIMORE (WJZ)— A comet looping behind the sun could emerge this fall as a once-in-a-lifetime spectacle, or it may not. Mike Schuh has more on what he calls the “intergalactic snowball.”

Educators have a different take.

“It’s called Comet ISON,” said Jim O’Leary of the Maryland Science Center.

NASA provided an image of ISON (agove). It has a small head and a big tail.

“That tail can get tens of millions of miles long, so it’s huge,” O’Leary said.

Read more: http://baltimore.cbslocal.com/2013/09/10/if-the-sun-doesnt-b...

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I'm sure Brack'll

outlaw this too

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Thanks for the cool vid...

Ps. Like the Nemesis undertone ;)

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That would make...

...it an especially memorable Christmas, with a brilliant comet in the sky.

Could the Mayan Calender have been miscalculated?

The timing is right one year later than originally thought?

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

There is sooooo much to this event that could happen...


I will wait for the fat lady to sing...

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I keep looking for ISON during my morning drive

Still not visible to the naked eye yet. about 3-4 more weeks until ISON passes Mars.


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