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A 9/11 Thank You

The 12th anniversary of the game changing event of 9/11 provides an opportunity for me to say Thanks to all of those who have kept the faith and who haven't wavered in the face of the enormous pressure to conform to the big lies.

Some of you have been at it since day one. You have looked at evidence, at facts, at disinformation and using discernment and common sense came to some conclusions while still open to the many questions that have and still will arise.

Beyond that, you have spoken out. In writings that have spread around the world, in person with friends and family and sometimes with strangers.

You have been ridiculed, mocked and laughed at. Sometimes attacked. Sure, it may have stung but never enough to quit. The importance of speaking truth to power overrides the naysayers.

By addressing the 9/11 issue head on you have opened up other avenues that lead out of the darkness into light. A myriad of other issues that once were delegated to the nether-lands of taboos have crept into the consciousness of many who once were afraid but now have the courage of conviction.

Very importantly, you have given us some semblance of solidarity, the feeling that we are not alone, the realization that we have allies where disagreements are minor compared to our similarities.

So THANK YOU! Humanity will thank you one day. It's coming.

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