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Attorney General Releases New Federal Guidelines for Medical Marijuana.

I subscribe to a newsletter for an investment group called Emerald Ocean Capital. They specialize in Marijuana investments via stocks or direct capital for start ups. Anyways, I just received a letter from them informing me that the attorney general has decided they would "NOT sue to undo laws in such states as Colorado and Washington that authorize the production, distribution and possession of marijuana."

News Letter I received:

The Atlantic News Paper:

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I wondered what was missing in the title

Emerald Ocean's newsletter doesn't mention WA and CO's recreational use laws until the second paragraph. The feds then enumerate their concerns, expecting those states to install regulations that comply with their wishes.

The federal gov wants to NOT make this about people exercising their 10th Amendment rights, so they act as though they we should think them kind when they allow what these states have voted to nullify, at least in a large part.

This new movie could make a real difference if enough people see it and act accordingly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIgsI_EaC_8

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So far it looks good for...

Colorado and Washington!

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