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Why can't we bribe politicians for Peace?

If politicians make decisions based on where they get their money, why can't we bribe them to vote for peace? If it is all about money, why can't we lobby for peace with our wallets?

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The problem is that peace

enriches people in a diverse, diffuse, decentralized way. War, on the other hand, enriches a few in a very centralized concentrated way. In other words, the money to be made from war talks louder.

Anyone comitted to peace

would find that untoward.

Try! If they won't take your bribe, there's your gal(guy)

Because we do not

Own a counterfeiting central bank corporation like the Rothschild zio crime family.


I have often wondered why Russia

wont come liberate us.

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

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THE answer

That is the most correct concise answer. They can always create money out of thin air, whereas we have to work 40 hours a week with so less quality time with our children.

Hey, we just came up with

Hey, we just came up with essentially the same message. See my new thread, "Unions for People Who Distrust Unions".


In addition to a "like" button on Facebook, YouTube and such, let's have a $5 button that puts money right in that person's pocket. Let's make it personally profitable to do the right thing. Someone rescues a baby from a burning building or a politician votes for peace then, BAM, like Pavlov's dogs, give 'em some cash. To hell with depending on their moral instincts. How many Ron Pauls do we have to count on? Let's get the mercenary scumbags working for the good guys to. Even lawyers will support a good cause if there is cash in for them (or so I've heard).

It gives new meaning

To the phrase Freedom isn't free. :)

I think it is because:

"We" don't have printing presses and a monopoly on the creation of "money" out of thin air.

No matter HOW MUCH money YOU (and by you I mean everyone/anyone) can come up with, you can never out do the presses.

Sux. That's why END THE FED is the proper way to go.

Surprise! The Onion already covered this.


Defeat the panda-industrial complex

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It might be why we slaughter just poor people

Every where we go to war, since Korea and beyond, is some impoverished backwater where the technology of the day is a wheelbarrow and the diet is camel milk.

There's probably about million brown people who would've given their life savings to a US politician for peace, but none of them have any money.

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Because its not just about the money - its also about being an

A type personality. Its about the drive to compete, to always have a challenge, to win, to succeed and on and on. When we were little boys we played king of the hill, then we played organized sports then we joined the military and on and on. At every stage leaving behind those who could not compete, ever climbing into a more elite group- no matter how silly it looks now.

It is hard for those who were not brought up that way to understand. It is about always having an opponent - someone to push you, someone to push, someone to beat you - and you beat them - its about an adversary. It is about the challenge. Every scar tells a story, every ache a tale.

And frankly, there is no greater challenge, not greater scar and no greater tale than that of combat(in the context of the a-type mentality). Not everyone wanted to sit around smoking pot - some wanted to go be Rambo - and you can't be the man unless you beat the man - and you can't beat Rambo if you have never been in a war(see how this works).

I have said it before on here, and will repeat it - there was a time I felt whole heartedly cheated that I never got a chance to see combat while in the Marines(and don't think for one second I was alone in that sentiment). Bring me back to 92-93 and you would not even have to pay me to go overseas(the Marines don't pay very well you know) - I would have gone for the shear challenge of it. I would have gone for the "fun" of it(fun in the eyes of an 18yo whos eyes were not truly open).

The wars are about money - but they are also about the ultimate challenge, redemption and a whole host of other issues(this is part of McCrazies problem- his father outshined him in the ultimate mans club - the military - McCrazy got shot down and we lost the war - his only way to outdo dad it to have a greater war to win than dad - who served in WWII).

They are about winning. They are about stroking very large egos.

Its king of the hill for adults.

Thanks to the DP and RP and the wisdom they have brought on me - I have learned to repress these feelings - lol. But for some, it is in the blood and they are not fortunate enough to have been awoken - for proof come to card night with me and my brothers and see how fast the table becomes inflamed if I mention RP - LOLLLL.

It just feels fundamentally

It just feels fundamentally wrong, we stand for liberty by using the things that surpress liberty, we'd become the hypocrates we accuse today......thats not to say, ALL money fundraisers are bad, like a grass roots honest to good money bomb, but not for the purpose of using that money to dictate what a representative does or says, opposed to a representative doing something for honest, enlightened reasons, by themselves.....thats when you know you have a keeper