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Oh Don’t Worry, We Won’t Forget

Social media is ablaze today with “Remember 9/11” sentiment. Nothing wrong with that. It’s good that no one wants to forget. The further we get from that dreadful day, however, I tend to remember other things about 9/11. The effects of 9/11. The passing of the Patriot act to keep us all safe. The forming of the Department of Homeland Security. Forming of the T.S.A. Colon Powell speaking about WMDs in Iraq before the U.N. The invasion Iraq.

I was in college and naive at the time of 9/11. I believed everything the President said and in spite of all the new programs that this country couldn’t afford I was all for it. Whatever it took to get the terrorists. I vehemently opposed anyone who opposed Bush and tended to label them as being unpatriotic. As the war went on no WMDs were found but we were still in Iraq for a good reason, right? Spreading democracy, training the Iraqi police, providing aid to citizens.
The death tolls began to come in. The flag-draped coffins of soldiers unloaded from cargo planes on a daily basis. Reports of roadside bombs and insurgent attacks were numerous but we were there for the good of Iraq.

In spite of the military death tolls, Iraqi death tolls, the wounded coming home, families who lost loved ones, and the false pretexts for war in Iraq, I was still on the side of the President.

Until I saw this.


After all the U.S. soldiers we lost, Iraqi civilians killed, and countless lives ruined, this distasteful display of humor from the President did it for me. Oh no, I’ll never forget 9/11 but more importantly, I’ll never forget what came out of 9/11 and the disregard our leaders have for this country, its citizens, and those who wear a uniform.

Unfortunately, it took several years and countless lies for me to understand and realize the truth, but I’ll never forget.

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thanks for the post, good stuff.

i saw a sign at a fire department that read, "We Will Never Forget 9/11"... and i said to myself, "you're damn right we won't, but not for the same reasons." it will always be a dark day for America, but not because we lost lives, that happens daily... but because we lost our balls and every ounce of freedom and liberty we had left.

...and that's the rest of the story,
Good Day.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.

Thanks JB.

You're so right - it's everything that followed 9/11 that hurt us the most. Love the Paul Harvey reference!