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Michael Nystrom You Rock!

Dear Michael Nystrom.

Love you so very much for all that you did to help restore the Republic.
You helped shape the Liberty Movement as the political power-horse it has now become.

Frankly I don't think it would be possible for Ron Paul and other Liberty Candidates to obtain the many millions of dollars for their campaigns without your website.

When I look back at all those years.
I think about all the stress you went through.
You told me you have lots of gray hair nowdays.
You suffered so much while having to deal with some people and some situations like the lawsuit you faced.
I remove my hat to Salute you my friend.

There was one day when as a moderator I placed at the top of the front page an anti-war song by Black Eyed Peas -- do you remember that?
Yeah I made some mistakes on your website.
Often too much alcohol was the root cause.
I drink even right now as I compose these words to you.
Why you might ask.
I have a 10 year old daughter in the capital of Switzerland Bern.
I have never seen her -- not even a picture of her.
Swiss mom of hers made up a perfect lie to the police saying that me or my mom would want to kidnap my daughter to Canada.
I talked with her social worker and the Swiss police as a non-Swiss and as a man I have little rights there in this situation.
Imagine my friend the pain I go through on a daily bases.
She left me when she was in the second month pregnant with my daughter. Past is past. Even God can not change the past.

Your website I am proud to say is my home.
The Liberty Movement is where my heart is.
Thank you Michael for everything that you did and are still doing evey single day for all of us.
You Rock Brother!

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