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Help! Open State Senate Seat in Georgia

Hello fellow DP'ers, my name is Steve Morris aka Secular Tea, and I'm considering running for the Georgia State Senate in District 14 in an upcoming Special Election that will take place on Nov. 5th. Barry Loudermilk just resigned to run for US Congress.

In my quest to find out what it will take to win this seat, the same theme keeps coming up. $$$ Money $$$ In order to reach and sway the 50,000 or so voters I will need to consider me as an option, I need to raise about $50,000 over the next month.

Here's my dilemma, I am in a very Republican District with at least 3 others (Republicans) running and my name recognition is not great enough to generate the excitement to get enough people in the district to donate to this cause. I am also a Libertarian, which is not a bad thing in my district save that I will need to reach the likely voters 4 to 5 times before Nov. 5th to show them the value in electing me over the others. Cherokee, Bartow, and Cobb counties have a good history of supporting Libertarians, and with the Republicans supporting action against Syria, before they decided to oppose as the situation stands, now is the time to act.

What I need to accomplish is to push them over the top by giving the citizens of our district something they never had, I call it 'Virus Protection for our Constitution'.

Folks, I'm a highly experienced Systems Engineer who wants to bring modern Organization Optimization Disciplines to Government. These disciplines include, but are not limited to; Governance, Risk, and Compliance strategies that curb most Waste, Fraud, and Abuse by creating 'triggers' that set off alerts when Waste, Fraud, and Abuse are taking place.

This is not very novel in the Private Sector, but it is quite Innovative in the Public Sector. Many allude to Transparency and reducing waste, but I have real world experience implementing such measures for companies like Raytheon, Spalding Sporting Goods, Lockheed, HP, Coca Cola Enterprises, Akzo Nobel, and the Centers for Disease Control.

While the State of Georgia is larger, more complicated, and will likely be more resistant to implementing these kinds of measures, I plan to Raise the Bar and Pave the Way for more people and Candidates interested in a more Sound and Accountable government.

What I need from you all is a response that is favorable, unfavorable, and/or any concerns that you may have. Would you donate your hard earned money to help a Libertarian take what is otherwise going to an Establishment candidate? http://brucethompsonga.com/

This is a real opportunity for a Liberty Candidate to take what the Establishment understands is theirs to keep.

You can find more info about me at http://morrisforgeorgia.com

Steve A. Morris

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