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Assad Denies Fool Play But US Intelligence Has Evidence (First Blog Post)

The truth is out as reported by the United Nations Security Council, Bashar al-Assad killed thousands of his own people in hopes of blaming it on the rebels.

The UN's conclusions are solely based off of Assad's inability to denounce these allegations against him and his regime. When interviewed by Charlie Rose just this week, Assad stated, "We will have too agree to disagree about whether I killed my fellow Syrian's in order to blame the rebels and garner international support to fight the terrorists out of my country.".

The truth started to unfold just today as Obama pushed the international community across the red line which he drew just weeks before. On a side note, the UN Chamber of Reasoning is still trying to determine what that red line signified.

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My blog is http://deceitbydefault.blogspot.com/ and this is my first post! Please let me know what you think and comment on it!

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I see you got your first

I see you got your first miserable jerk leaving "hatemail" as well! Don't let the fools bring you down. I once had somebody leave a comment on my blog calling for my death via radiation poisoning! I started moderating comments after that :)

Keep it up. It's a war over information and our side needs the numbers.

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Thanks for the support! I

Thanks for the support! I hope I never get threatened because I have no clue how I would handle it.

Will be trying to write about 2 articles a week so stay posted for more to come or follow my blog if there's a way to do that.


Satire is Hilarious

Not that war is a laughing matter but I couldn't stop laughing while writing this piece! I hope the satire wakes people up to the war mongering propaganda that's everywhere.