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Unions For People Who Distrust Unions

Washington and politicians only respond to big money, special interest groups and angry mobs of voters.

I suggest we discuss forming new "special interest groups" (of sorts) which represent the real majority of Americans in a way that would cause politicians to respect and fear voters anew.

To start things off:

1) Union of Single American Households (USAH): Single Americans are now the majority of Americans. Single taxpaying, voting Americans are quite unhappy seeing their taxes stolen to pay for the children of others and for "social benefits" that pay no dividend to unmarrieds.

2) American Wage Sanity (AWS): This group would focus solely on the repeal of the Minimum Wage, a well-meaning but pernicious law that distorts the value of labor, services and goods and is harmful to American competitiveness.

3) The Anti-War Lobby: This coalition is designed to force politicians to seek diplomatic solutions first and foremost with regard to international conflicts, to NOT send American money to other countries which causes corruption and only advances the military-industrial complex.

4) Federation Against The Fed (FATF): Shut down the Fed and advance the cause of currency competition.

5) Taxpayers for IRS Freedom (TIRSF): You can probably guess the nature of this one.

6) Constitution First! (CF): This watchdog lobby would direct money and advertising to support candidates with a demonstrated record of pro-Constitution votes and would relentlessly hound dog and organize recall votes for representatives who have a clear anti-constitutional record of voting.

It's time for the SILENT MAJORITY to have representation in Washington!

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If you think these interests are not already ...

represented ...

you are naive.

I am not sure what you think goes on in Washington.

Yea, I don't see why not

I know as others have mentioned, that this is not morally correct and that we need someone to do it on principle, but, I think its a good idea. Why not professionally organize coalitions of like minded people? They all don't need to be libertarians either. To me it seems like an excellent way to organize politically for the right causes and grow numbers of people that are sympathetic to certain common interests regardless of their ideology. The goal isn't necessarily to turn every one into a Libertarian party member, but to shift the way the country behaves. That is the most important and only feasible way considering the dynamics of our political system right now.

I would participate in many if not all of the above lobbies that you have mentioned. This is how our system operates and our goals shouldn't change regardless of the way we get there.

I suppose because "most"

I suppose because "most" Americans don't need or want anything from Washington, as unorganized individuals we end up getting the shaft from politicians answering to large groups that do want freebies and handouts. Being self-sufficient is no longer enough. Organizing is a defensive measure.


How would we go about getting started? I honestly think its a good idea. Maybe just try one and see how far it gets? If there is genuine interest, it could be something to move forward. The first one that you mentioned might be a good one to start with as that embodies a diverse group and it sounds politically correct(even though it would be quickly tagged as a tea party movement)

As I say, there are more

As I say, there are more singles than marrieds in America now. It's the "low hanging fruit" that I'm simply amazed no politician has been intelligent enough to recognize is an untapped source of votes. This group will continue to grow, as the retiree/Baby Boomer group continues to grow. Younger people also are trending single and childless due to economic hardship and uncertainty. This mass of voters is completely ignored and untapped.

Ideas for the group name:

-One Vote

-Freedom First



I like One Vote...or One Single Vote, but I am not very good at these things.. However, this is a topic that is brought up by many people single and divorced in my circle of friends. I was talking about this with my mother whom is divorced and she would join. haha. There needs to be a voice for the uncoupled individuals. They get hosed!