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NC Considers In-Home Diet Inspections for Overweight Mothers


The government-run North Carolina Institute of Medicine is about to release a report on childhood obesity calling for bureaucrats to conduct weekly in-home visits to check up on the dietary habits of “at risk” (which seems like a code word for overweight) mothers and their children. The proposal recommends that these nutritional nannies keep an eye out for “abuse and neglect,” which may mean that parents could lose their children if the government’s nutritional recommendations are ignored. Obamacare contains a similar provision which provides for forced in-home health inspections for households with young mothers, cigarette smokers, developmentally-challenged children, and war veterans.

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It should be pretty easy to meet government

nutritional standards...how hard could it be with a government that qualifies, ketchup, pizza, and french fries as vegetables.

all joking aside... maybe we could get weekly in-home visits for elected officials who may be guilty of abuse or neglect of their oath of office.

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy


In-Home visits for any reason is one of my red lines.

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