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Just got my "I Support Ron Paul" poster in the mail....

....let me tell you, these are GREAT!!!! Very well done, worthy of framing, and the design nicely hints at the art deco styling from the 20's and 30's when America was "roaring" and "Objectivism", rationality and LIBERTY were not just obscure footnotes in America's philosophy..

What I like BEST about the print is that it is a way to give a BIG thanks to Michael Nystrom for creating this website and greatly furthering the Ron Paul cause...not to mention the proceeds go towards revamping the site for "the long haul", in this election and beyond.

I personally credit Mr. Nystrom for introducing me to Ron Paul months ago through his fantastic economic website "Bull! Not Bull."....if you haven't been there yet, be sure to go. Bring along your thinking caps....it is essentially a current events degree course as viewed from sound economic principles.....a mind opener to be sure.

A very sincere "Thanks again" to Mr. Nystrom......both for the beautiful art and the beautiful site.

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