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Colbert Bashes Rand Paul

So I just flipped on the Colbert Report as he began ripping Rand for so called flip flopping but really he just cut up a bunch of sound bytes to make it look that way. Then of course he has to beat up on him for his hair. I don't know about you but I think it's obvious Colbert ain't a friend of liberty. He makes Rand seem like a pro war/anti-Obama nut. If someone has a video please post. I gotta admit the average person is going to think Rand looks stupid over this.

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I cannot stand Colbert

Colbert is like chalk on the blackboard for me. Whenever I see his face, or hear his voice, I want to throw things in his general directions to make it stop. He must be the most annoying person in the world.

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Any publicity is good

Rand is positioning himself as a leader in a way his father could never seem to do.

The more he's the target of the comedians the better for him.

I started to watch the

I started to watch the Colbert Report a while back but stopped after about a month. I liked it at first cause he makes humor out of a lot of crap going on in Washington but I realized he is liberal phony. I don't watch him anymore. I think the last time I watched him, he was on the air kissing Bill Clinton's ass. Had to put it down.

There's no such thing as bad

There's no such thing as bad publicity.

Colbert Misrepresents Rand Paul

seems that i remember rand campaigned against Colbert's sister and she lost.

the clip was dubiously edited and rand explained his position about Assad deserving death if he was guilty of gassing people. rand was pushing for a international type trial(rather than war) and then a death sentence if convicted. at least that's what i took from his full answer.

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Rand Paul 2016

Colbert and Rand Paul

I was disappointed in this show, as I normally love Colbert.

Part of the problem is, there was SOME truth to the points Colbert was making. The neocons are attacking Obama from the point that a limited response is not enough - that it won't change anything, while the noninterventionists say that regardless of whether gas was used by the Assad regime or not, it's none of our business.

In his rebuttal, Rand was representing the "Republican" point of view, and he tried to present both the noninterventionist argument, as well as the neocon argument (that what is being planned is not effective), causing some confusion.

I sense that Rand wants to be the Republican candidate, and he can't do this as a pure noninterventionist. The MIC simply will destroy him if he tries that. Not saying what he should or should not do, just the way I think the political landscape is set out there.

The stuff about the hair was cruel, but partly true. Rand Paul needs a stylist. I would go with the 50s Brylcreem look, as this suits his hair better than the tousled whatever he usually presents with.

Rand Has Never Supported The Neo Con Argument W/ Syria

The Neo Cons say Obama's plan is not going to be effective and needs to be MUCH larger

Rand argues the attack isn't going to be effective so DON'T DO IT. He also says even if they do succeed in crippling Assad it will make the country even worse off and more unstable so DON'T DO IT.

Their is a HUGE difference between Rand's argument and the Neo Con's. They are complete opposite. Colbert cut the clip and changed the context.

Stephen Colbert endorsed Ron Paul

But made fun of him on the show. He plays a neo con on the show.

You do realize (or do you?)

You do realize (or do you?) that Stephen Colbert is a comedian first? It's his job to "attack"/satirize all people equally.

The problem is......

....that a large portion of 18-25 year olds don't watch news or get it online, so the Daily Show and the Colbert Report are the only outlets from which they get their news. It's one thing to be a comedian first, but another to sway the electorate with lies when you are unfortunately a very real part of the news media, sad as that statement is. Jon Stewart went through a phase where he blasted every biased media personality he could and told them how irresponsible they were, however Stewart hides behind the "comedian" thing just like Bob Dylan hid behind the "song and dance man" thing. Stewart and Colbert have an affect on millions of voting age people and they need to know that they're irresponsible tactics are more damaging than just being bad comedy.

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I have no idea if you are a troll or just a confused individual.

I TRY to find the Best in every person I come across, even myself when I look into the mirror.

Instead of trying to find a gimick to influence the masses, why not look into the mirror and just resolve to follow the truth?

You, sir are the only thing you can actually change. And if you respect the truth, you are going to have to grow up.

Why are you HERE on daily paul weap about the ingorant masses.

I have NO space for you Nor Granger writing her biFucks.

Neither of you get it.


Nothing Snakepit wrote suggests trolling. What he said is actually true

"21 percent of people aged 18 to 29 cited "The Daily Show" and "Saturday Night Live" as a place where they regularly learned presidential campaign news"

And anyone with half a brain can see the liberal spin Colbert and Stewert put on their comedy skits and interviews

Good lord man, look at my posting history.

I've posted dozens of pro-liberty, pro Ron Paul articles on this website over the last two years. The fact that I don't believe that 9/11 was an inside job does not negate everything I've done here. It does not automatically make me a troll or a neocon. This isn't a 9/11 Truth site, its a Ron Paul site. If you can't see that there are liberty minded individuals out there who just don't see the 9/11 issue the way you do, then you will continue to be disrespectful to those people, alienate them from the movement, and paint your truth movement as an arrogant and rude group of fringe conspiricists. If you are right about 911, then continuing to be an jerk about it and accuse other libertarians of being trolls is not the way to go about spreading the word.

Free market capitalism isn't right for America because it works better. It's right because it's free (and it works better).

this coming from a guy with one elf ear...

maybe he can't hear too well from the human ear.

Liberal hypocrites

What is what all these liberals making fun of Rand's hair? I've seen Letterman, Colbert and the a lady on the CBS Morning Show do this now.

It just goes to show the scum that liberals are. They are scared to death of him and they can't out debate him so they are trying to ridicule him. If conservatives did that to someone, they would be prejudiced against the Follicly Impaired.

It's so hard not to hate them.

Why are people making fun of his hair?

because he has kind of a goofy haircut. Colbert and Stewart DO NOT try to hide the fact that they lean left, and kids getting all their news from these two's comedy shows isn't their fault. I think it has more to do with the state of our media than unintelligent young people or propagandist comedy. Letterman and Colbert are SUPPOSED to be making fun of people - not debating them.


yes, I have seen it on John Stewart too. Seems Rand bashing is all the rage. Although, anything beats Rachel Maddow, Chris Matthews, and Al Sharpton talking about how every Republican's motivation to do anything is racism... puke.

Pandering political puppets

Pandering political puppets deserve to be mocked. Colbert is a shill but at least he has some entertainment value, while Rand Paul is just a sick joke.

Amazing, isn't it.

The percentage of people on this forum (and elsewhere) who believe The Colbert Report is a news show boggles the mind.

If anything it was satirizing

If anything it was satirizing the clip shows called "news" these days.


But it still amazes me how many people (here and elsewhere) actually take these satirists seriously, regarding the satire as serious news and opinion.

Some people just don't

Some people just don't understand satire...

I agree

Either colbert is an idiot or a troll, I will go with troll.

He has a bunch of clips of rand paul saying he does not want to go to war with syria, and one clip saying "assad deserves to die" Not sure if that is the whole sentence certainly isnt the whole paragraph. He doesnt seem to get that just because someone deserves death doesnt mean we need to go to war with them.

That said Colbert isnt funny. Colbert is annoying.

Rand Paul is DEAD to me now

And now, that JERK Rand Paul says this????

"Rand Paul: Assad Deserves Death, but Obama Will Leave Him in Power"

Rand Paul is DEAD to me now. That McConnell lover.

He certainly doesn't have 1/100 of the intelligence of his father. Mother must be an ignoramus.

Now he's a warmongering killer, too.

Spit! on you Rand. You've obviously been created to negate your father's movement. Spit. Spit. Spit.


Rand has been against the bombing of Syria this whole time. That quote was taken out of context. Rand said "IF Assad used chemical weapons he deserves death but the US should not bomb the country". He means like any evil person who is guilty of mass murder deserves death but he's not saying its the US's responsibility.. He is a WAR CRIMINAL
Rand has been consistent against bombing Syria, Colbert cut quotes out of context to make Rand look like he was flip floping

Sorry-It was completely the last straw for me

Every time he speaks he backtracks something because he's playing both sides always. This just doesn't cut it. It causes the kind of distrust that repels votes. I'm not jumping on a loser bandwagon again.

Not to imply anything about his father. I would still campaign/vote for him. But not a Jesse Benton puppet.

He Has Not Backtracked on Syria

Watch the full video of the clips Colbert used, do a little research for yourself and don't just take clips on a comedy central show to formulate your opinion. Rand is AGAINST any attack on Syria(always has) but basically said Assad should be tried and if convicted put to death for war crimes. Colbert took the clip of Rand saying Assad deserves death OUT OF CONTEXT.

Rand came out against attacking Syria immediately while the rest of the politicians were hiding out seeing which way the wind was blowing. He has stood firm against any attack!

Im going to go out on a limb

Im going to go out on a limb and guess that you do not excell at chess?

The Constitution is not a

The Constitution is not a game.

And if you don't learn to use

And if you don't learn to use strategy, you can kiss it good bye.