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Home Bible Study now illegal in the United States


Absolutely unbelievable, but true! It is happening folks, America is becoming a communist police state.

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there are lots of candidates for office

that hold huge political fundraisers at their homes, I don't see them getting thrown in jail for breaking occupancy codes.

Why not just have it outside under an open sided tent in backyard, oh wait that's illegal too - so its not about fire codes or max occupancy codes, it's about government control of a basic freedom.

People have been meeting for thousands of years in their homes to pray to God, regulating them out of existence is not the way of Liberty.

Lying/Dishonest Title and Post

Every time.....

This story has nothing to do with studying the Bible in your home. It is horrible and ridiculous and all officials connected should be hung from a high tree. But, it still doesn't have anything to do with your misleading title.

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A neighbor, who is an

A neighbor, who is an atheist, also created a video to show that the residence is not problematic to the community.


I beleive you are looking for

I beleive you are looking for theblaze.com.

Downvote for lying in your post title

Lying is a sin, right?

The regulations are a result

The regulations are a result of the city’s adoption of standards imposed by the International Code Council. The organization was founded in 1994 by Building Officials and Code Administrators International, Inc. (BOCA) of Country Club Hills, Illinois, International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) of Whittier, California and Southern Building Code Congress International, Inc. (SBCCI) of Birmingham, Alabama. Since its inception, the International Code Council has been urging cities across America to adopt and enforce its unified codes, many of which are now doing so. Failure to comply can result in criminal penalties for citizens.

The code is not about

The code is not about religious gathering. It would apply equally to having tupperware parties in the home as it would in this situation.

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Am I missing something?

This seems to be a local issue dealing with occupancy codes.

Admittedly there is likely a lot more contextual history to this story, but it seems like a local issue, and not a case of religious oppression from the US government.

I hope the man featured decides to get involved in his local politics, because if he sits back and does nothing, and instead chooses to violate the local laws, he may well wind up back in the lockup.

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Old Story and Misleading Op

From 2012 and had to do with building and occupancy codes.