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POLITICO: Rand Paul mocks Cory Booker


Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul took a dim view of Newark Mayor Cory Booker on the eve of a planned trip to New Jersey to stump against the Democratic Senate candidate.

Explaining his decision to campaign for Republican nominee Steve Lonegan on Friday, Paul jabbed at Booker as a politician with “an imaginary friend with imaginary problems” — an allusion to stories Booker has told about a Newark drug lord named “T-Bone,” whom he has said he befriended.


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Good Catch

Thanks P. Nich

egapele's picture

The bigger story here

is how obvious Rand is making the fact that Christie is not joining Rand at a fundraiser for Lonegan, a fellow Republican running for an open Senate seat.

Rand will show that Christie has more in common with Booker, the Democratic candidate.

Christie's actions (or inactions) in this race will prove to be a thorn in his side if he decides to run.

good observation..

I was curious why Rand would pick to stump for someone in Jersey.

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