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Have you guys seen this ? Colbert's writers scream RP4PREZ !

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I think they are using someone else's cause to bring attention

to their own.

They are joking about the tactics but clearly the tactics stuck in the minds of all the people who were laughing because they all got the joke.

They know how people think and I don't think it was insulting.

They didn't have to say Ron Paul for President if they didn't want to that was at the end of the joke but they did anyway.

History does not long entrust the care of freedom to the weak or the timid.
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Notice who's in the other videos

Romney's "Who let the dogs out" comment is in one of them.
I think that video is more damaging.

Nobody really

watched that one ,I thought that one would get more attention too .

Notice the description box:

They're parodying those lame "Code Pink" protesters. Hilarious!

The "Ron Paul for President" yell at the end at least got his name out.
Like in all Colbert jokes there is always a hint of seriousness, which makes it more news than the other stations. Believe it or not Comedy Central is where most people get their news from!

I think what's funnier is that one of the people that write for Colbert was caught in public wearing pink and the other neon bright green. Stephen would not approve :)

To be honest Colbert has been a friend to Paul, he's been good to him.
He picked Huckabee as his 'bump' so he can slam him directly. I remember one of his first shows back he was Push Polling for Huckabee asking how the person would feel if they knew McCain could have had a supposed black baby, a supposed illegal immigrant baby, and a known Nazi baby.

They are our allies in this battle.

When people make fun of you

Particularly Comedians, You should take note. It is like Al Gore's "lock Box". We are past the point of gaining supporters through these stunts, it has been overdone.

Colbert Writers

I strive to avoid the profane, but honestly? That sucked.

back handed compliment

but i still love colbert.

Actually, I hated it. 1. It

Actually, I hated it.

1. It seems they're trying to trivialize people who stand up and express themselves.

2. I'd call it MSM comedy--tease or make a mockery of anything that strays from the mainstream. I'll bet those guys sit around with their friends at Starbucks in Manhattan and discuss the hilarious fact that some of their friends shop at Gap instead of Urban Outfitters. LOL!

3. They're just dumbing us all down (Ha ha, guys, I get it. We're all idiots because we're passionate about something important that doesn't have anything to do with South Park.)

Those guys are really the pseudo-intellectual crowds of young people you see running around NY and L.A. The type that are going to run out and vote for Obama or Hillary because having a black man or woman in office "Brings real change!!!"


Yes Dumb us Down

This is a trend I have seen on many a tv show, including so called comedys. Especially the tazer. Making it the norm to tazer, the jokes about the tazer, ect.

I stopping into my local pizzaria, and there was a cop in there joking around with the kids saying "Im gonna tazer you!" and they were giggling and running around. I was SICK ... and said on my way out "Yeah that's really funny ... Tazering people can kill them" and I walked out.

This particular clip bothered me too, because your right, people who stand up for their rights, and to voice any kind of dissent are looked at as trouble makers (Thanks OReilly) Sigh

We are making a difference but if I hear one more "Don't Taz me Bro" JOKE I'm gonna scream.

Previously known as DCALIFANO

Previously known as DCALIFANO

You guys are right. They are

You guys are right. They are simply trying to marginalize us. Unfortunately for them this simplistic ploy is not going to work.


I believe they were making fun of us....

NOTE: I am not advocating violence in any way. The content of the post is for intellectual, theoretical, and philosophical discussion. FEDS, please don't come to my house.

Not *all* of us

And ya gotta admit, sometimes the "Code Pink" people make themselves damn-good targets for this kind of thing. I wonder what C-Span did?

Not A Compliment

I don't think this was a compliment for RP. It seems they only shouted RP because everyone thinks RP supporters are crazy conspiracy nuts who you would expect to show up screaming in Congress.


I guess they grew desperate from not having their jokes heard. "The Look At Me" shirt was apropos ... but it should have said "writers in need of recognition."

"I killed the banks"

There is a reason...

There is a reason Colbert rocks!!

Bad things happen to good people and everything has a purpose.

That was


bout time

yay for publicity

"we fear change, especially nickels"

What the hell !

Its publicity .

that was


Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.