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**TECHIES** Hot idea for Feb 5th vote! Need instructions on how to burn multiple DVDs.

I've got a dynamite idea for a last minute DVD blitz by an army of grass roots supporters to reproduce an existing RP DVD and get them mailed out to the voters in the Nov 5th Super Tuesday states.

I need some of you techies to post step by step instructions for people like me that have DVD burners but who never have used them before. Take the viewpoint that the people reading it don't know zip about how to do it but if they follow your good, thorough instructions they will be able to do a good quality job.

If someone posts a decent set of instructions but you see a problem with it, copy and paste there post to a comment page and edit it according to how you think it could be improved. This is an open source thread to come up with the best set of instructions which I will use in my next thread which will give more details on this last minute DVD blitz.

If you are experienced at burning DVDs please vote for the best set of instructions that you feel are the clearest and easiest to follow. This will help me decide which one to choose.


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DVD's Yes... but CommonSense flyers are cheaper.

FIRST, I think you mean FEBRUARY 5th... not November 5th. (FEBRUARY 5th is when we get Ron Paul the nomination November 5th is when all the Bush/Cheney "RINO" war-loving Republicans vote for HRC and still lose.)

Now onto DVD's -- See here for "How to produce RonPaul DVD's for 50 cents each" complete with label designs for Memorex labels (the best value).

Secondly, as to software to burn copies -- if you don't have a software already, go download the Alcohol 120% demo -- this is super easy to use and efficient at burning copies -- AND they let you use it FULL FUNCTIONALITY for 15 days before buying (see their demo info/terms).

FINALLY, while I am a BIG advocate of using DVD's (our meetup made the Walworth 3.1 DVD ISO Image -- BitTorrent or Multi-Part *.rar files) to edumacate the electorate...

BUT for February 5th we need WIDESPREAD efforts and to make money go as FAR as possible in most states (esp those with OPEN primaries), we need to reach as many potential voters as possible! -- Much cheaper and faster to print/copy the ManOfCommonSense flyer/ads than it is to burn DVD's (because even at 50 cents each... they don't go far, you can reach out to 10 times as many people with the CommonSense flyers.)

oem might not come with software

an oem machine or single burner purchased separately might not come with software. best to confirm this person has some dvd burning software first.

you can always call tech support for you computer if it's still under warranty and ask for help. search online for tutorials there are tons of them out there.


If the DVD Recorder-Player came with the computer then you should already have software. Whether its installed or not is another question.
Reguardless, there should be a disc that came with it. Chances are that its already installed!

Or, the Program could have been integrated into the Operating System which means that its already installed.

If the DVD Recorder-Player is a stand-alone unit, purchased
separate from the computer, software would have come with it.

I presume that the DVD came with the computer though since its the popular thing now-a-days.

Burning DVDs isn't

Burning DVDs isn't difficult, it just takes time and money.

First you need a DVD image. Most likely you will be downloading an image online (most images have an .iso file extension though there are a few other formats like the Nero proprietary one).

Assuming you have a DVD image, you now need a piece of software which can burn that image to a blank disk. The most popular one (because it comes with most DVD burners) is Nero. Ods are that you have this software on your computer right now. I'll assume you have Nero, though the process is similar for other programs.

Open Nero. It should automatically load in Nero Smart Start. At the top you have a few basic categories of functions, select "Copy and Backup". This will bring up a few options. Select "Burn Image to Disk".

Open the image you want to burn to the DVD and start the burning process.

Because I don't know exactly what you are doing, with what file formats and with what software I can't give detailed specific instructions for you but in summary.

You need a DVD image file, which can either be downloaded or created with Nero (or similar software)

You need DVD burning software. The most common one is Nero but if you have a DVD burner you should already have something loaded on your computer.

You need to open the DVD burning software and find an option which allows you to burn an image to a disk.

Select the DVD image you want to burn, load a blank DVD and start it up.

I've burned lots and lots of DVDs for this and 9/11 Truth stuff (always separated, probably around 10,000 total). Shop around for the best price, try at least three stores. You can almost always find sales where the blanks are dirt cheap (20 - 30 cents each). Don't order DVDs online because you can always find them cheaper in stores. If you plan on making a huge number of them, order paper sleeves online since they are much cheaper, but give yourself time because fast shipping costs as much as the sleeves. If you really want to get into this (its a great way to get information out, much more effective than fliers since you can put multiple documentaries on one DVD) you might want to look into a DVD tower burning system. A respectable one will run somewhere between $500 and $1000 (depending on the quality and number of drives) and will cut you production time and hard drive usage considerably. Labels can just be standard 1" - 2 1/4" mailing labels printed on your home printer.

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Excellent data.

Thanks very much.


With what program?

First you need to get a program that will burn a dvd. There are plenty of programs to choose from. So your question would be much better answered if you have the software first. Such as "How do I copy a dvd using Nero" for example.

Google: DVD Burning Software

I would recommend buying the Nero program as it's the most popular software out there. Just about everyone uses Nero because of it's very simplistic interface. It's very easy to understand when you use the "Nero Start Smart" method. Start Smart is an easy to use guided process.

You could go with a Roxio product as described below too. In any event it's an impossible question to answer without you first getting the burning software needed.

Easy as Popcorn

Seriously. Popcorn, http://www.roxio.com/enu/products/popcorn/standard/overview.....

Pop in your disc, copy it to the hard drive, and then tell Popcorn how many copies to burn. I once did a major project of several hundred DVDs and it cranked em out as fast as my burner could record.

It does cost bucks, though.

If you have a Mac, burning DVDs is dead simple, even without the slickness of Popcorn. Just use a free program called Mac the Ripper to rip the DVD you want to copy, then create a Burn folder on your desktop, drag the movie files to it, and click Burn. I think you gave to click Burn each time you want to make a copy, unlike Popcorn which will allow you to set the quantity and then you just feed it the discs one after another.


You say it does cost bucks though...

..is there any costs besides the blank DVDs? If so, what?




If you buy a sick piece of software like Popcorn, then it's $50 plus blank DVDs. If you just use Mac The Ripper and the built-in disc burning software on your Mac, it just costs a little bit of time and the cost of blank DVDs, which can be had for as little as 20 cents a piece, maybe less, depending on brand and quantity purchased. If your Mac has a 6x DVD burner, it will burn a one-hour DVD in ten minutes (but, an hour-long DVD might be too long. Maybe a 20-minute presentation is enough, in which case it takes less than 4 minutes to burn a single disc. But, back to our 1-hour DVD: You can make six an hour, just feed them one after another. If you spend all day at your computer, that's 50 or so per day you can make.


PLEASE Techies?!

I have a cd burner and a techno-geezer mind, but I would LOVE to copy RP Youtube videos, such as Hope for America! Please tell me HOW!

I know this isn't too hard...

...but maybe it's too easy. Is it??


iSquint or Tooble

Download iSquint or Tooble (both free) and feed it the YouTube vids you want. They output them in iPod-compatible .MP4 format that you can e-mail, burn to DVD, burn to CD, etc. Dead simple. Of course, these are Mac programs. If you have a Windows PC, there maybe more to it.


So your instructions are for

So your instructions are for Mac users. Thanks!


Yeah, sorry for not clarifying that.

It's just that I have not met a Windows-using Ron Paul supporter yet. ;-) Seems logical that those who go against the grain in their politics might also go against the behemoth Microsoft!


Any of you techies...

...still up?