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Western Maryland Conservative Group Fed up With Taxes and Democrats Wants to Create 51st State

Conservative group wants liberation for western Maryland
Fed up with taxes and Democratic dominance, they want to create 51 state

I spoke Monday to the leader of what's called the Western Maryland Initiative. Scott Strzelczyk is his name. He doesn't like the word "secession." He's talking about something different — the formation of a new state out of five counties. The U.S. Constitution allows regions to separate with approval from the state legislature and Congress. There are similar efforts around the country. West Virginia is the last state to successfully break away from another, and that was 150 years ago.

That's what Strzelczyk has in mind.

He no longer wants to be part of the Maryland associated with Prince Georges County, Baltimore City and Montgomery County. Being a Republican, he's miserable. The Democrats control the Maryland General Assembly, hold all statewide offices and, he says, gerrymandered legislative and Congressional districts. The state has only one Republican member of Congress, Andy Harris.

"The entire state is controlled basically by three jurisdictions," Strzelczyk said. "That's not representative government. ... We don't think this government can be fixed."


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Typical liberal spiel from the Baltimore Sun

We can't let Western MD secede because we love their kettle corn. Thanks for your nostalgia Dan. Kettle Corn is so much more important than your liberal taxes, based on how much rain falls on your property, or dozens of other stinking laws in MD, which is largely unaffected by the depression we are in thanks to its proximity to Washington DC. Maybe the author of this article should go back to living in his Hunger Games rich boy world devoid of any sense of what's important as he chases after what little money the Baltimore Sun has left. Dan Rodricks, thanks for revealing what a snake of a so called reporter you are.


a Howard County, MD born citizen who would love to see Howard county go to the West!


just might get his 57 states.

When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign: that the dunces are all in confederacy against him. ~J. Swift

ConstitutionHugger's picture

let's see, Jefferson in NoCal/ SoOr is 51

North Colorado is 52, West Maryland is 53, what are the other 4?

There's something happenin here

stop children whats that sound