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Judge Napolitano: Who Sounds Like A Nobel Peace Laureate Now? Obama Or Putin?

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Obama pushing for war in Syria?

Patrick knows what really needs pushing here...

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At this point in time I would trust the Russian president and

government WAY more than I trust my own. Obama and his whole administration are thugs--wolves in sheep's clothing, whereas the current Russian leadership seems generally more human, truthful and ethical. They are more like (very smart) sheep in wolves' clothing. And yes, Obama is also incompetent. The Russians are outsmarting him--and thank goodness for that.

Nicely put, Judge:

The Russians right now are dominant
Because the president is incompetent.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

ahh.....go with Putin

When they gave OBomber the prize, it lost all credibility. If it hadn't, of the two, I'd pick Putin.


Someone is prepping him for public office

Stop dyeing your hair Judge! It makes you look vain and younger. Neither of which flatter you.

The Judge compliments Vladimir.

Why are mainstream media commentators so 180 degree in opposite opinion bashing Putin? Most American people are praising Putin.

The Judge looks like he's getting younger. That's good. We want him around a lot longer.

lost a lot of weight

and lost the gray.. looks like Presidential material to me ! Plus, he tells it like it is ..Go Judge !


"Obama Incompetent"

Go Judge.

Ron Paul Was Right