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Distinguished U.S Marine Stands Up for American People and 9/11 Truth


Published on Sep 12, 2013 by wearechange

This video was shot on september 11th 2013, in Time Sq at an Rethink911.org rally. In this video John a former U.S Marine with 5 engineering degrees with an expertise in aviation and missile defense says he knows the U.S government is lying about the 9/11 terrorist events.


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Dick and Don and the shawdow Government will push the red butto

The more the truth comes out. They would rather go in their lavish bunker than prison

R3ovlUTION charles walker 8322474577

I know building 7 was brought

I know building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition. Empirical evidence and the laws of physics contradicts the official government story.

My only question now is how they did it? Where were the explosives placed? Who worked on placing the explosives in the building? When were the explosives placed? Who pulled the trigger?

It would be nice if we could offer a Million dollar reward to anyone who comes forward to expose the details of the operation.

Goldspan is coming unglued.

I too respect reality for what it is.

Goldspan has sold his soul, and I can't imagine a person doing so, nor could I imagine what they would expect to receive for giving up on respect for the truth.

Goldspan is a sad, sad, mouth piece.

WOW……. From people that were actually there

……kind of refutes you whole “empirical evidence” theory!

In the empiricist view, one can only claim to have knowledge when one has a true belief based on empirical evidence. This stands in contrast to the rationalist view under which REASON or reflection is considered to be evidence for the truth or falsity of some propositions. The SENSES are the primary source of empirical evidence. Although other sources of evidence, such as memory, and the testimony of others ultimately trace back to some sensory experience, they are considered to be secondary, or indirect.

Con Ed employee Fred Sims
The evacuation of lower Manhattan reduced the load requirements and helped as the electricity was lost following the collapse. Many building owners turned off the HVAC when they left the buildings so the bad air would not circulate which also saved electricity. Had this attack occurred in hotter summer weather, with the increased use of air conditioning, things could have been worse. Con Ed reps who were in WTC 7 said that there was a fire, but they did not think the building would collapse. Since Con Ed had two substations in the WTC 7, this was an important point for the future electricity.

However, at 4:15 p.m., Con Ed employee Fred Sims had spoken to the fire departmentand told Con Ed headquarters that they thought WTC 7 would collapse. The fire department asked Con Ed to shut down the power to WTC 7 which they did. This cut off power to Park Place, Battery Park City and Cortlandt. They were able to shut this down
remotely from the West End Avenue. Con Ed decided, however to leave the transmission line open to service Fulton Street because they were not positive the building would fall and it was servicing Beekman Hospital which they thought may have been needed to care
for casualties. When WTC 7 finally did collapsed at 5:20 p.m., it severed cables and collapsed the other two substations.

(4:15 p.m.-4:27 p.m.) September 11, 2001: CNN and Others Report WTC 7 May Have Collapsed

Building 7 of the World Trade Center, located across the street from the Twin Towers, caught fire after the initial attacks on the WTC. [CNN, 9/12/2001] By 4:10 in the afternoon, CNN had reported it being on fire (see 4:10 p.m. September 11, 2001). Subsequently it is reported that WTC 7 is in danger of collapsing or may have already collapsed. At around 4:15 p.m., CNN reports, “We’re getting information that one of the other buildings… Building 7… is on fire and has either collapsed or is collapsing… now we’re told there is a fire there and that the building may collapse as well.” About 12 minutes later, BBC reporter Greg Barrow, who is in New York, appears on the BBC radio channel Five Live and says, “We are hearing reports from local media that another building may have caught light and is in danger of collapse.” He adds, “I’m not sure if it has yet collapsed but the report we have is talking about Building 7.” Around this time, the area around Building 7 is being evacuated, apparently because senior firefighters have determined it is in danger of collapsing (see (4:30 p.m.) September 11, 2001). At 4:53, based on the earlier reports, the Radio Five Live show’s presenter will incorrectly claim that Building 7 has already collapsed, saying, “Twenty-five minutes ago we had reports from Greg Barrow that another large building has collapsed just over an hour ago.” [BBC, 3/2/2007] Starting at 4:54, BBC television will also begin reporting that Building 7 has already collapsed (see 4:54 p.m.-5:10 p.m. September 11, 2001). In fact, it does not do so until 5:20 (see (5:20 p.m.) September 11, 2001).

(4:30 p.m.) September 11, 2001: WTC Building 7 Area Is Evacuated Due to Anticipated Collapse

According to numerous rescue and recovery workers, the area around WTC Building 7 is evacuated at this time. [KANSAS CITY STAR, 3/28/2004] For example:
Emergency medical technician Joseph Fortis says, “They pulled us all back at the time, almost about an hour before it, because they were sure—they knew it was going to come down, but they weren’t sure.” [CITY OF NEW YORK, 11/9/2001]
Firefighter Edward Kennedy says, ” I remember [Chief Visconti] screaming about 7, No. 7, that they wanted everybody away from 7 because 7 was definitely going to collapse.” [CITY OF NEW YORK, 1/17/2002]
Firefighter Vincent Massa: “They were concerned about seven coming down, and they kept changing us, establishing a collapse zone and backing us up.” [CITY OF NEW YORK, 12/4/2001]
Firefighter Tiernach Cassidy: “[B]uilding seven was in eminent collapse. They blew the horns. They said everyone clear the area until we got that last civilian out.” [CITY OF NEW YORK, 12/30/2001]
Battalion Fire Chief John Norman: “I was detailed to make sure the collapse zone for 7 WTC had been set up and was being maintained.” [FIRE ENGINEERING, 10/2002]
Several New York Fire Department chief officers, who have surveyed Building 7, have apparently determined it is in danger of collapsing. [FIRE ENGINEERING, 9/2002] For example, Fire Chief Daniel Nigro explains their decision-making process, saying, “A number of fire officers and companies assessed the damage to the building. The appraisals indicated that the building’s integrity was in serious doubt. I issued the orders to pull back the firefighters and define the collapse zone.” [FIRE ENGINEERING, 9/2002] Fire Chief Frank Fellini says, “We were concerned that the fires on several floors and the missing steel would result in the building collapsing.” [CITY OF NEW YORK, 12/3/2001] And Fire Captain Ray Goldbach says, “[W]e made a decision to take all of our units out of 7 World Trade Center because there was a potential for collapse.” [CITY OF NEW YORK, 10/24/2001] However, some firefighters seem surprised at this decision. When Fire Commissioner Thomas Von Essen is making his way through hundreds of firefighters who are being held away from the WTC site, he hears complaints like, “It could take days for that building to come down,” and, “Why don’t they let us in there?” [ESSEN, 2002, PP. 45] Deputy Fire Chief Nick Visconti is instructing firefighters to evacuate the area.


The testimony by the firefighters indicate that THEY were not the ones who did the assessment of the integrity of the building. They were told by someone else that the building was going to come down. WHO was the person(s) making that assessment? That person was not named, nor was the basis of their judgment questioned.

It seems to me that the firefighters were relying on a single source of information about the integrity of the building and were taking orders. If so, then the directives given by that single source would be consistent with the idea of a preplanned demolition.

their decision-making process

indicates he was part of the decision makers.....the companies were the Con Ed folks.

Fire Chief Daniel Nigro explains their decision-making process, saying, “A number of fire officers and companies assessed the damage to the building. The appraisals indicated that the building’s integrity was in serious doubt.

Another Troll effort,

Thanks for putting it on record.

Check out the time lines of the posts on this thread.

And save the whole thing. Goldspan is on overtime. ;)

I figure this troll (misplaced reply)

Meaning the same. Goldspan, is a fucking troll.

Is toast. Stick a fork in him. LOL

Since you KNOW

What do YOU plan on doing about it………dare I say NOTHING

Mr. Financial Analyst, that Loves Mises, and all the other

Buzzwords of freedom, but has absolutely NO understanding.

You sir are the Golden Plant of the last resort.

You have only attacked with name calling and BS, to the posts that expose your nightmare world being exposed.

Buddy, you haven't seen anything yet.

You are the Poster Boy of Deception coming Undone.

base1ass you really are a kook aren't you?

You do realize that Ron Paul was educated by Mises, Rothbard, Hayek & Hazlitt……from their writings… from their books……Just like I have for the last 30 years.
He wasn’t educated by videos on YouTube from Corbett and Alex Jones…..DUMBASS

the first upvote on this post is from ME

I want your idiot remarks spread far and wide. I want the Communist effort you proclaim to be holy to be exposed.

If it could up vote you +100 I would do so.

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Hey Dude

I think we have both spent enough time here but I really thank you for what you have been willing to put on the record.

It's all been downloaded by many. You probably never even Grasp what Jesus was about.

And it scares the Hell out of you. Find that as a positive. Truth is going to destroy your lies. And it's well on it's way.

now you are going to pay the Jesus card....lol

The reason I have been so ugly to you Base, is because of the way you treat people when they dare to question anything that you don't agree with.....if you weren't such an ASS ....like you were with Sally( she had valid points) or any other person that doesn't come on here a that often..... I would have never bothered.....But you are just one of those people that get under my usually thick skin....you can dish it out but.....man oh man you surely can't take......quit being a dick to newbies and I will leave you alone to puke out your conspiracies theories…….well maybe…..if you quit being a dick!

Wow, thanks!

Please send 'Sally' my apologies, and really Goldspan, why not post my efforts of abuse you claim I made to her right HERE?

You can't because you lie.

And truth is coming you way, and you know it.

God Bless


This is a Keeper!

And it's on record. Thanks Goldspan!

Desperation plays out in interesting ways.



Great post!


What would the Founders do?

Huge Bump

From one vet to another, awesome speech. I was in the area yesterday to take a picture of the billboard and post it on Facebook for all to see. Sure wish I didn't have night class so I could have stayed for the speeches. Not sure if I can say this since I was in the Army, but Semper Fi!

It pisses me off livid when I think

about how our military personnel have been deceived and abused by the cut throat greedy banksers.

Not just the military

But the entire nation!

Looks like things are going to get interesting!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


Reality can be ignored, but the consequence of ignoring it can't.

Hang on, and hold on tight brother. ;)


But the entire nation!

Looks like things are going to get interesting!

Double post

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~


For Respect!