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Aussies to Dump Carbon Tax...

September 10, 2013
By Warren Duffy

Two grassroots organizations, The Carbon Sense Coalition and the No Carbon Tax/Climate Skeptics Party, took on her Labor Party. Then several large Australian businesses and the country’s second largest airline, Virgin Australia, posted losses for the year, blaming her carbon tax.

California Cooperation

Just this past summer, Gillard’s government was working with California on carbon trade implementation. Reported Reuters:

“California and Australia on Tuesday agreed to share information on the design and implementation of their carbon markets, a move that could help pave the way for an eventual link between the two jurisdictions.

“The two partners agreed to share technical expertise on market design, administering allowance auctions, and implementing carbon offset schemes, while also discussing how to link their markets in the future.”

Full Article Link: http://calwatchdog.com/2013/09/10/new-pm-abbott-dumps-aussie...

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