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Rethink911 Report: Big Media Coverage of 9/11 Truth Billboards, What You Can Do!

The billboard and sign campaign in major international cities is ROLLING, big coverage at Time Magazine website. As I say often about these kinds of pieces, the author takes a snarky tone but who cares. By listing the points the information gets out and speaks for itself. Also by publicizing the Rethink911.org website, the curious go to an extremely comprehensive and persuasive source of information.

Time piece:

Sept. 11 ‘Truthers’ Mark Anniversary

With a billboard in Times Square and a global ad campaign, a group keeps questioning what happened twelve years ago


As the world marks the twelfth year since the September 11, 2001, terror attacks, a campaign called the ReThink911 Coalition is drawing attention to one of the lesser-known events of that day–the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7. Prior to the Sept. 11 Attacks, 7 World Trade Center was a 47-story building just north of the Twin Towers. When the North Tower collapsed, debris hit Building 7, igniting a fire that burned out of control over the course of the day. At 5:21 pm, nearly seven hours after the North Tower came down, 7 World Trade Center crumbled quickly to the ground.

“The heat from the uncontrolled fires caused steel floor beams and girders to thermally expand, leading to a chain of events that caused a key structural column to fail,” the NIST concluded. “The failure of this structural column then initiated a fire-induced progressive collapse of the entire building.”

In 2006, Richard Gage, a San Francisco-based architect, founded Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which doubts Building 7 collapsed because of fire. Gage and other architects and engineers argue that 7 World Trade Center came down in a free fall, which could only have been cause by a deliberate demolition explosion. More than 2,000 architects and engineers have signed a petition calling for a new investigation into the building’s collapse.

The Sept. 11 attacks were barely over when the first conspiracy theories began to emerge. Some argued that the Pentagon wasn’t hit by a commercial jet, but rather a cruise missile; others contended that the Air Force shot down Flight 93; some even argued that the entire attack was staged as a pretext for war and scaling back civil liberties....

Rethink911.org so far reports the following media coverage:

Sun News: Free speech protects ‘disrespectful’ 9/11 conspiracy bus ads: Ottawa mayor
CBC News: Group behind 9/11 bus ad responds to criticism
Ottawa Citizen: 9/11 truther campaign responds to criticism of bus ads
Ottawa Citizen: Ads questioning truth of 9/11 appear on OC Transpo buses
Toronto Star: Truther billboard in Yonge-Dundas Square asks questions about Sept. 11
The Huffington Post Canada: 9/11 Conspiracy Ad On Ottawa Buses And Toronto Billboard Sparks Outrage 
Ottawa 1310News: Controversial 9/11 ads spark call for review of OC Transpo ad policies
Time: Sept. 11 ‘Truthers’ Mark Anniversary
CBS Philadelphia: Group Of Engineers Believe Controlled Detonations Took Down World Trade Center

Comments are open at most of the articles.

What you can do.

Billboards and signs are up in Boston, Washington, DC, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, Vancouver, Sydney and London. If you are in or near one of these cities, please take a picture of the sign or use the photo gallery, and send it to the editors of your local news media. Write and call asking them to cover the campaign, and I'm sure Richard Gage or another Architect and Engineer for 9/11 Truth could be available for an interview.

Rethink's contact form is here:


Rethink Facebook here.

For materials to send to editors and reporters, I recommend either the 90 minute documentary "Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out" Youtube DVD

and/or the 15 minute "Solving the Mystery of WTC7 (with Ed Asner)" Youtube DVD

A full array of literature and other DVDs are here.


The darkness has not set in, Patriots. We have only begun to fight! If you have ever wanted to do anything about 9/11 truth, now is the time to pour it on! Join us!

Billboard over Dallas


9/11 Truth National Ad Campaign Busts Out, Heads for NYC This Wednesday 9/11

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