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Rand Paul: No Military Outcome Would Remove Any Chemical Weapons Or Make Them Less Likely To Be Used

"I think ultimately there is a possible diplomatic solution here and it's much better than the military outcome. No military outcome would remove any chemical weapons or make them less likely to be used."


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Rand: "It's a mess, and we should not be involved."

This sounds more like Ron Paul. Not only in Syria, but it's also a mess in:


Rand should keep repeating this sentence over and over again.

Rand Paul

just put himself into the Government MSM controlled paradigm, he assumes Obama and the intelligence are right that Assad gassed his own people, either he is playing a despicable game or he is dumber then I thought, even though he is the best Senator we have, he is not even close to his father in principle, and personally I don't like the guy, he seems to like to appease Neocons, I don't know why.

tell it to someone else

the man successfully spearheaded the effort to keeps us out of a war and you think he's either despicable or dumb. you're a class A moron.

Rand kept us out of War?

Rand was one opinion out of 535 members of Congress, its the PEOPLE who kept us out of war, not Rand or any other elites, if you think Rand has that kind of power your a class A Moron!

dont be silly

you think the establishment actually listened to the people this time? not at all... this was a maneuver to prevent the 'libertarian take over' that they fear so bad.

The establishment

is not EVERY member of congress, and yes a lot of Congressman did listen to there constituents, because it was overwhelming opposition, the real establishment wouldn't listen to the public, and those are the "leadership," of congress, they were going to vote yes, MSM pushed for it because they are owned by the establishment, I don't see any Libertarian takeover, you Don't be silly, there are 3 Senators sort of in the category, and maybe 20 congressmen, Cruz I don't consider a Libertarian and you shouldn't either, Rand has no more power then Lindsay Graham, unfortunately, Rand is just a NeoCon appeaser anyway, he accepts that Assad gassed his own people without evidence, that is not anything to admire.

"Rand is just a NeoCon"

Ok, so you're just naturally silly. I think I know what people mean when they call us 'reactionaries' now... they mean you. heh

Reading comprehension

must not be your strong point, I said he is a NeoCon APPEASER, not a NeoCon, and your best response is to call me really deep meaningful words, "Silly," "Reactionary," you sound brainless and a waste of time.


because I don't want to say what I really think... I'm being mild

Rand makes too much sense.

It doesn't have to be either or, no US attack can be coincident with chemical disarmament.

Everyone knows this is check mate because every one knows no one will talk about the natural gas pipeline the oligarchs want, and want to use the US military to make that happen.

Its not about chemical

Its not about chemical weapons. Its about REGIME CHANGE. Get aware!