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Ted Cruz's Comprehensive Foreign Policy Speech at Heritage


This is probably the best comprehensive look I've seen of Ted Cruz's foreign policy. Way to hawkish for libertarians, but no where near the Grahamnesty International crowd either. He describes himself between Rand and McCain. Ted is a great leader, asset for Rand and a fierce defender of the US Constitution.

Along with Standing with Rand in the Filibuster for over two and half hours, Ted supports Audit the Fed, Audit the IRS, has a 90%+ Freedom Index score, and famously demolished Chuck Schumer and Feinstein on Guns in the Senate.

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He's "okay" I see him more as

He's "okay"
I see him more as a ploy by the GOP to attract the latino crowd and keep Texas red. Of course, our alternative was Dewhurst..... ugh

Southern Agrarian