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Google (Spy Agency) Gets 3 Million Gallons of Jet Fuel From Pentagon!

~Google Jet Fleet Loses a Pentagon Fuel Perk
Questions Raised about Founders Use for Non-Government Flights~
Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin may have to dig deeper to operate their fleet of private jets, after the Department of Defense ended a little-known arrangement that allowed the billionaires to travel on sharply discounted jet fuel bought from the Pentagon.

Even so, the contract between H211 (Google)and the Pentagon stated that the fuel was supposed to be used only "for performance of a U.S. government contract, charter or other approved use," and said violations could trigger civil or criminal penalties. There is no indication of any such investigation.

Flight records from the Federal Aviation Administration suggest that the vast bulk of the flights by the Google executives' fleet have been for non-NASA purposes.

The main jets in the fleet—a Boeing 767, Boeing 757 and four Gulfstream V's—have departed from Moffett a total of 710 times since 2007, FAA records show. The most frequent destinations were Los Angeles and New York, but the planes also flew 20 times to the Caribbean island of Tortola; 17 to Hawaii; 16 to Nantucket, Mass.; and 15 to Tahiti.

Meanwhile, as of last year NASA told Sen. Grassley that the Google craft had flown a total of 155 missions for it. All but 11 of those, however, had been flown by the small Alpha jet, a fuel sipper compared with the big aircraft.


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Larry Page owns a private

Larry Page owns a private island very near Tortola. They jet into Tortola and helicopter or boat over to his island.

Some quick info on this story.

To help get the ball rolling, its an interesting angle.
H211 LLC is not related to Google 'officially'. It is however owned and operated by the top exec's @ Google, Page, Brin & Schmidt.

Their agreements with NASA can be found here thanks to a FOIA filed by NYTimes - http://www.nasa.gov/centers/ames/business/foia/H211_LLC.html

Back in 2008 they acquired a fighter jet - http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/10/23/a-new-fighter-jet-f...

Google offered to finance restoration of Hangar One @ Moffett in 2011. The Gov't appeared to let the offer lapse. Some sepculate it might reveal their cozy relationship?


I love that you are calling google a spy agency now ha ha. Totally changes the perspective there.

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I would copy and paste this to Facebook

but I don't want to promote anyone to believe in the Wall Street Journal, thanks for the post though.

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The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

"I don't see how in the hell

"I don't see how in the hell anybody can buy it that cheap," said Fred Fitts, president of the Corporate Aircraft Association

Three of the Google founders' jets, including the 767, took off from Moffett for Croatia this past July. The departures were just before the wedding in Croatia of Mr. Page's brother-in-law


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I get "fuel perks" from the grocery store

10 cents a gallon for every $50 I spend on groceries including gift cards to hundreds of other retailers like Home Depot,Lowes and dozens of local restaurants and local retailers -- even AMAZON!

Only a dream

for Hitler