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Guardian: Obama's NSA surveillance review panel did not discuss changes, attendees say

Big surprise!! While everybody is screaming about Syria, this is going on. Obama is pulling a Clinton.

A review panel created by President Obama to guide reforms to US government surveillance did not discuss any changes to the National Security Agency's controversial activities at its first meeting, according to two participants.

The panel, which met for the first time this week in the Truman Room of the White House conference center, was touted by Obama in August as a way for the government to consider readjusting its surveillance practices after hearing outsiders' concerns.

But two attendees of the Monday meeting said the discussion was dominated by the interests of major technology firms, and the session did not address making any substantive changes to the controversial mass collection of Americans' phone data and foreigners' internet communications, which can include conversations with Americans.


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Meaningful change will only

Meaningful change will only come through revolution in government

well lets hope..

that revolution comes through the ballot box by way of hearts and minds.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul