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Trying To Wake Up A Friend who is in the clutches of neo con radio

Letter Below written after the individual watched and read everything he needed to to understand that our country is standing on the edge of a cliff. Maybe in due time.....


Have you dismissed the evidence that our own government is in favor of eroding our national sovereignty and permanently destroying our independence as conspiratorial rhetoric?

Do you not believe that the Clintons and Bushes alike our moving this nation toward a North American Union? Do you think it is outrageous/inaccurate to state that our currency is purposefully being devalued so that they can use our eventual/impending economic suffering as leverage for accomplishing these goals?

I can only assume that you have dismissed all of this as fallacy. If you perceived this as a reality then you would get violently nauseated when watching either Hillary or George holding up their right hand while swearing to uphold and defend the constitution.

You will buy what they are selling in the name of fighting terror and patriotic duty, while your NPR listening political nemesists get the global warming pitch.

If you are waiting for your television or radio to confirm any of this don't bother setting your alarm clock.


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difficult to do

I have the same problem. some will wake up if you give them a copy of the film "money masters"

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root." -- Henry David Thoreau

Strike at the root - Watch Money Masters

Just say

Every time you talk to this person, just say "$9 trillion in debt" in answer to everything they say until they get pissed and then you say "well, what is your candidate going to do about it?" And then if they say "let's change the subject" you can say "okay, $50 trillion in unfunded medicare and Social Security obligations coming due over the next twenty years. What is you candidate going to do about THAT?" Hahahahaha!

I'm not kidding. My Dad really thinks the "Islamofascists" are going to take over the world. I gave up arguing with him about it and focused on our fiscal mess and won him over. No rational person can look at our fiscal crisis and conclude that we can continue on our current path.

Concentrate on waking up those who are more easily won over

The amount of energy you put into trying to convince your one friend could be better spent winning over people who are sitting on the fence. Does your friend normally seek out information that is contrary to his beliefs? If not, focus your energies on people who are more receptive to ideas which challenge the status quo. My mother is the ultimate neo-con junkie. She believes everything that Fox News broadcasts. She is a lost cause for the Ron Paul revolution. I haven't given up on helping her to see the light, but I am concentrating my energies on canvassing local communities and recruiting willing assistants to help get out the vote. Please, save yourself hours of frustration, drop your friend a friendly note from time to time (perhaps regarding your progress / reception while canvassing?) and do not fret that you cannot convince everybody. We are in a race for time now.

Even Rush says...

He may not be able to support the nominee! Remember this article?
Now Rush is saying he's so disgusted with the people running that he might not support the nominee because they are not true conservatives. (Methinks he must have been a Fred guy) He knows that being a loud voice in the media he has the power to control people's minds and just be endorsing someone he can sway them, just like the papers did in NH with McCain. He refused to endorse PJB in '96 so I doubt we'll get him to support Paul, but we can try to show him that Paul is the same as Fred, without the warmongering.

Jane Aitken, 35-Year Veteran Teacher
Ron Paul 2008 Consultant
GOP Woman of the Year 2009
Founder NH Tea Party Coalition (NOT AFFILIATED WITH ANY FAKE 2009 GROUP)
Founder USPEINetwork @ Yahoo (Nat'l Edu Activism Group)
Board Coalition of NH Taxpayers

Good luck with that.....

it's kind of like trying get someone out of a cult....they're very brainwashed and in denial.....not to be negative, but.....I've been there.....it's hard!

Show them: CIA drug

Show them: CIA drug deals:

I woke up at ~2 am, flipped open pbs in iowa and they were talking about terrorist, CIA, FBI and the need to grow them, the Homeland security and how they were all NOW synched up, and how to fight terrorism like 9/11.

I paused a minute and thought, we knew the 9/11 attack was imminent. Even our "ally" Israel warned us. Our own intelligence was on it. Nobody wanted to listen, willfully or not.

So the way we fix imcompetence is throw in more money and hope something sticks? Let me see...wouldn't that increase the chances of more incompetence--everyone relying on everyone else; more people and managers to confuse the issue and more people to disregard and how does that remove incompetence from the top people? The only benefit of more people is more people to dilute the blame and for more escape goats. Oh, and more power to the top dogs and control freaks.

But why are we concentrating on suppressing dissent? I mean surely there are fanatics out in the world and in the USA. Do we go into panic mode and throw money and create bureaucracies to handle the fanatics of the world. And how is this to guarantee to stem out individual thoughts. Oh, I forget, there is NOT GOING TO BE free thinking. Oh that made sense. But perhaps something is wrong with our foreign policy, maybe?

PBS was one of my most respected station, both for kids programming and public affairs/documentaries. But when they start showing this kind of propaganda, or at the very least, narrow view, it makes me wonder if PBS is not bought, locked and loaded? If u are contemplating on contributing to PBS, wouldn't your money be better served contributing to the RP movement?

Sorry, I meant our "ally"

Sorry, I meant our "ally" the Germans, Russian, French, NOT Israel. Watch the CIA video link after around 1:30.

PBS "All things considered" Jan 12th state that Huckbee had a

Radical Idea...."He wanted to get rid of the IRS"...played his speech..."I want to put a Going Out of Business sign on the IRS"

YEah PBS is very Neo Cohen
I knew that 4 yrs back
Sometimes I wonder what does it take?



Wrong approach

If there is to be change, we MUST "hang out" with, speak with, and try to win over the sleeping sheeple. It's the only way.
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Have your friend watch "America: from Freedom to Fascism"

You can see it free on video google or youtube. It's 1 hour 51 minutes of sheer deprogramming. Although it is entertaining, very professionally done and very credible with documentation and at times funny, you may want to have a box of tissues handy for when "American the Beautiful" is sung while all the new laws from the UnPatriot Act and Homeland Insecurity are shown.
Then, when he's ready, show the documentary Endgame....for more deprogramming. Just when he sees the light, have him watch some David Icke videos on google video. But reading Icke's books---that's more for the advanced people, the ones who REALLY want to dig into the rabbit hole, finding every last detail of juicy gossip about the people who control this planet.
I used to go around telling people to read all these books I have read the past ten years (Creature from Jekyll Island was my first) and no one would. So now that Freedom from Fascism is only a buck each, I just pass those out like party favors. I label it "Problem." Then I give them a Ron Paul video to watch afterwards. I label it "Solution."

I Did

That. He was also very interested in it. Then he started looking up Youtube videos on CFR, NWO, and started running across 9/11 truth related videos. He immediately became cautious and said all this stuff leads back to 9/11 stuff.


Send him to wikipedia and google NAU, Trilateral Corridor, Neo-con. Let him go to The New America and look at the map of the huge corridor that spreads all over the US. Most people think the Federal Reserve is Federal. Does he know it is not.

Can you

Unplug or turn off his radio? I turned off my radio and tv, and decided to think for myself instead of letting the media think for me. If you have to break it.....nah, never mind.

"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself within" W. Durant

Understand the Difference

Republicans support limited government at home, but uphold a policy of intervention abroad.

Democrats support non-intervention abroad, but insist on controlling people's lives here at home.

Ron Paul stands for non-intervention at home and abroad! It's bigger than party, more powerful than ANY establishment agenda or media blackout.

It's called FREEDOM, and it's becoming very popular the world over. It's the brilliance of our Founding Fathers. It's the battle cry of each and every American who holds the hope of a better tomorrow.

God Bless the Revolution. Go Ron Paul!

Ira J. Madsen
Springfield, Mo
“The military-industrial complex, the biased media, the big banks, the Fed, the waterboarders, and the IRS don’t like what we’re doing. But every good American is applauding us, and daring to hope for a better future.”
--Ron Paul


Ira J. Madsen
Springfield, Mo

I don't see it, but it sounds logical

Maybe this is the way it used to be and maybe this is the way they speak it, but Republicans do not any longer support limited government at home and Democrats do not support non-intervention abroad. Dems want to control the world as much as the Reps do. Reps are very much into huge government, just like the Dems now.

Great way

of explaining it. It should be so obvious to me, but when you point out the differences it hits home. Ron Paul transcends the donkey and the elephant, he is a true statesmen.

Tell them

Mitt Romney owns clearchannel.

I am in complete shock, crawling into a hole. God help us.

Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.