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Proving Agenda 21 supports it doesn't disprove climate change

I think we all agree that the environmental movement is being taken over by globalists in an attempt to tax people globally and gain some kind of complete governance over the world. That much is a given.

However, that has nothing to do with the science behind climate change or global warming. The two are unrelated.

Global warming is the trend of the entire planet's average temperature slowly rising. This has virtually no DIRECT impact on either people or ecosystems.

Climate change is a result of global warming (even a portion of a degree) and it's the combined effect of different-than-normal climate has on both people and ecosystems. It includes variances in periodic and intensity changes in weather which could be both warmer and colder, wetter or dryer, more extreme or less, more catastrophic or more docile. This being what we really care about is why the term was changed from global warming although the former still applies.

Both of these terms are virtually scientifically uncontested among expert scientists in the relevant fields. Members of DP should take another look at this topic to understand how they and the rest of the world are being misled into a full out trap.

Below is a playlist of videos that does the best I've seen at organizing the science in one place in simple terms for all to understand. I encourage members to watch it before commenting. Once that's done, consider that big energy wants people to stay dependent on them while banks want to make money on a new bubble and governments want people more involved in 'commerce'. What better way to accomplish all three than to scare people on a valid concern and then get them hooked on only faux solutions?

Honestly, it's very simple to fix. We make our own energy and stop making CO2 while stop spending money at the same time.

Enjoy. Video 1 (10:41)


And here's the full playlist.

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