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Michelle Obama Drink Up Water Initiative

Like we need this _ _ _ _ _ to tell us to drink water.

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she'd be more

credible were it malt liquor

MRL made a good point

It is not environmentally friendly to suggest drinking bottled water. Not just the bottles themselves, but pulling the water out of its natural hydrologic cycle (eg michigan), in many cases running into the socal ocean never to return.
The estrogen mimickers in the plastic makes men grow breasts though, so it supports the Obama administrations pandering to...oh i mean support for the lgbt transgendered community.

On a side note. Why does Michelle CFR Obama appear to have way more teeth in her mouth than she should? Maybe she is like a shark that when she loses some, the next row comes in handy?

"You are what you drink"

So, I'm chlorine and fluoride?

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience"—Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

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State domination will be complete...

State domination will be complete when the first lady launches a program explaining the benefits of taking a dump.

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Is 'Big Water' behind this all?

Didn't Ike warn us of the dangers of the Water Industrial Complex??

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IDK about that

looks like it goes right to your hips ;)

Let it ever not be said,that I never did not do nothing for you.

Also coming soon

"Suck it in" the new Michelle Obama breathing air campaign.

The Great W.C. Fields

"I never drink water, I understand fish fornicate in it"

This article

says she is endorsing 14 brands of water: http://washingtonexaminer.com/soda-wars-michelle-obama-tells...

Here is the breakdown of the companies:

Dasani-owned by Coca Cola

Aquafina-owned by Coca Cola

Beverly Hills 90H20:

from their website:

Beverly Hills 9OH2O was designed by world-class sommeliers expressly for fine dining, special events, bottle service, and exclusive gifting. It is made available in limited editions of 10,000 individually numbered diamond-like glass bottles. Every bottle is hand finished, triple-sealed, and expertly examined by white-gloved quality specialists. Only the absolutely perfect survive this supreme best-of-the-best challenge thus becoming certified with the precious Beverly Hills 9OH2O signature label.

Beverly Hills 9OH2O is served exclusively in the finest restaurants, luxury hotels, gourmet markets, and other select establishments worldwide.

Evian- mineral water owned by a French company

Hint- owned by a former AOL exec

Voss-owned by a Norwegian company

North America Arrowhead-owned by Nestle

Deer Park-owned by Nestle

Ice Mountain-owned by Nestle

Nestle Pure Life

Ozarka-owned by Nestle

Poland Spring -owned by Nestle

Resource-owned by Nestle

Zephyrhills.-owned by Nestle

As a side note the owner of Nestle does not believe it is a human right to have water:


I thought people concerned for the environment did not advocate drinking bottled water?

Do we really need anmore proof that public school system

is a complete failure.

We now need a PSA to tell our kids that water is actually a necessity.

Of course - soon it will be a natural right - and as such confiscated for redistribution - which is the real message here.

Water is an essential nutrient

There are 89 other essential nutrients. Pure water dilutes these nutrients. Big trouble if one is sweating or nutrient deficient.

Gandhi took the people to the ocean to make salt (and avoid the British Monopoly on salt).

Sea salt contains at least 60 proven essential human nutrients and the 17 more that may prove to be essential.

The veterinary would Not prescribe plain water to animals without providing a salt block or mineral nutrified food.


Free includes debt-free!

Exactly! All my friends think

Exactly! All my friends think I am weird because I put salt in my water but I stand by it because it makes me actually feel hydrated and I dont just pee it out.

Also, beware if you have an RO water filter. RO water is in a very unnatural state and not good for you. I use RO water in my freshwater fish tank and need to put in mineral additives first or they will get sick.

I actually talked to a water filter sales rep once and he said one time for a demo they wanted to replace a fish tank water with their filtered water to show how goot it was. They of course knew nothing about fish and replaced all the water at once and killed all the fish and it screwed their promotion.

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Here's what I use. Plant colloids versus sea salt.


I take over 600mg of 60 minerals every day and use sea salt to taste.

Dead fish would make me suspicious. Thanks for that story.

Free includes debt-free!


"Fluoride is cool... Everybody's doing it... How could 300 million Americans (and the first lady) be wrong?!"

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Air is good to breath


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Even she's had enough of the Kool-Aid.

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this is kinda stupid

I felt embarrassed for her to be talking about something so insignificant. Pathetic. This country has real problems.

Such a bargain!

She's only costing us $1.4 billion a year to keep up her family's lifestyle of the communist and famous.

But seriously, She talks to people like they're as stupid as she is. That pisses me right off.