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I need help with my wife's nail business.

My wife started a nail wrap business. She is very much into it, and I want to help....by asking you to help. If your family members go to get there nails done, and it's costing you too much, please take a look at my wife's products. It's a hell of a lot cheaper to deal with, and the variety is amazing.

Please help my wife with her business, by signing up, or have your wife, sister, mother sign up. Take a look, and decide for yourself. You would have to register before you order.



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To All

Tomorrow starts Cyber Monday, please help out my wife's Business. She still needs the traffic, and assist. These things are great for stocking stuffier's for your daughters, nieces, wife, moms, ect....

Even have CUSTOM MADE wraps that complement your interests.

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will definitely forward

to all of my female relatives. great idea. best of luck!

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Any word of mouth or forwarding will help.

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Hi oticonr,

Is there any way I can get a sample of this to try out before buying an entire sheet? I love the designs your wife offers but am a little leery of buying something that doesn't work for me (or I'm not very good at applying) :P. I usually spend $70 for pedi/mani 2x a month so if Jamberry works out, it'll be a huge money saver for me! Please PM me - thanks!

You can

Absolutely get samples. No problem. If you go to her Facebook page and private message a request for samples, with your mailing address she will have them mailed out. There is also a youtube videos of how to apply them with ease.





Best of luck to you and your wife.

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Thanks Diamond Dog

Glad to see others from 2007, this site is one of my primary sites to visit daily, and couldn't imagine being without it, and all that it provides.

I'd wish you luck but I don't believe in it!

I like these types of business threads! I love to see people take risks to do something they really believe in!

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I'll take anything I can get.

I was

going to suggest that you join affiliate programs with other companies and offer products through an online store but it looks like you have that covered.

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Good Luck to you and yours!

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We should suggest a permanent thread

to advertise the business our families run. You never know when you might need their services. Maybe right here.


I like the nail products...maybe we can help each other?

Yes, that's called

Yes, that's called advertising. You can contact Mike Nystrom (the owner of this site) and place an ad here.

I agree!


Hi guys

I had to place a better web page direction to my wife's nail products...... I just edited it on the post. But here it is again.


Those are nice!

I liked her page and will place an order as soon as I start drawing a paycheck (next month). There are five females in my house, so I will probably be a regular customer lol!

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All you guys are life savers.

good luck, ill show the GF.

good luck, ill show the GF.

Thanks a bunch



I voted you up-- willing to help any RP supporter-will send peeps there :-)
I personally don't use wraps/or polish but I know women that do.

cool thanks

I have never gone to DP for help before, this is turning out to be humbling.

Thanks for the up vote.


If there are any questions

My wife will be able to answer them on her facebook page. I actually approve of this home based business. If there are those that like it, and want to sell the same products in there area, please sign up under my wife's page. She has a great team.

Thanks all

for your interest.

It seems

someone down voted....not cool. I'm trying to help out my wife.