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TIME Publishes Rand Paul's Response to President Putin, America IS Exceptional

I for one am very proud of America's next president.

A recent op-ed by Russian President Vladimir Putin has prompted me to respond. While his position that the Syrian conflict can and should be settled through a political and diplomatic solution is correct, virtually everything else in his writing should be taken to task. So I shall.

I begin with Mr. Putin’s disagreement regarding the exceptionalism of the United States of America. I could not more strongly disagree with him. While he is correct that God created every human being as an equal in His eyes, clearly the results of each of our efforts on this earth, individually and collectively, are not equal.

America’s exceptionalism is rooted in our founding documents and values. From the rights granted by our creator, but guaranteed by our Constitution. We should not shy away from saying so, especially when our actions are in keeping with this exceptional founding, as they were this week in our debate over going to war in Syria. Our constitutional checks and balances were on full display, largely resulting in the at least temporary halting of a rush to war.

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and your suggestion is?

How exactly would you get the vote and support of Boobus Americanus?

The votes of Boobus can never lead to anything good

We need honest money and a pay as you go government. You want war, citizens get a monthly bill. No one (except military personnel) gets to vote if they are taking government money in any form. That ought to fix things, but no amount of pandering is going to get Boobus on board for this arrangement.

Leges sine moribus vanae

I hope this is only political

I hope this is only political posturing.


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me too

it stinks of neocon sentiments. But we need to grab the hearts of these misguided folks and Rand is out there singing their favorite song. Hook 'em and reel 'em in. Common sense and love will prevail.

No, it is not 'just political'....

....unless you consider his history in this regard (eg. supporting Romney, Iran sanctions, etc) as 'just political'. This statement regarding Syria, "the issue of course, is with the participants and the details of the plan. Asking us to “trust them” is clearly not a palatable option, and we cannot act naively simply to bypass war" does not fundamentally differ from warmonger Kerry's statements.

When it walks and quacks like a duck...

one step forward

two steps back rand paul.

I dunno Rand...

Perhaps the only things exceptional about this country were the ideas presented in the Constitution itself. And even with that we have been poor stewards of its philosophy.

To think otherwise in my opinion, is to look upon the country's history non-objectively. Consider that the Constitution was violated within the first generation of its drafting (Alien & Sedition Acts), a war on the indigenous population (some would say near genocide), we are the only country to use atomic Weapons of Mass Destruction during war time (so far thank god), slavery, bloody civil war, etc.

Not to say that the history of Russia or Mr. 'KGB' Putin is any better. Far from it.

But the myth that the United States is or always was some exceptional force for good and justice in the world is one of the pillars of neo-conservatism/liberalism.

i think rand is dead wrong

this idea of exceptionalism i believe is the root of the US problems. an idea of being better than others so we can bully or support whoever we want, be policemen of the world. it sounds very rooted in ego or the false idea of self esteem to me.

i can't see ron paul saying this. it sounds arrogant.


That is never about "exceptionalism".
It's always about "economics".
We aren't playing world police because of some sense of moral authority.
We play world police because some rich people want more.
That moral authority is crap, fed to the sheep to keep them headed in a desired direction.
I thought you knew.

it's never

only about one thing; that i know.

you might want to check this out.


I'm not really sure what point you are making.

Ron Paul can't say, "The MIC likes war because they get rich off it.",
which is the economic reasoning to which I referred.

I mean, I guess he could, if he wanted to be marginalized more than he already is.

So, he says, "We shouldn't use violence to promote what we think is good.", appealing to our exceptionalism to keep us from going to war.

What's wrong with that?


it's a given. he also made many statements perfectly in line with my post with which you took issue with.

i'll say it again. it's never about only one thing.

here's someone at cato on the subject. again no mention of economics but of course we all know it's a major issue.

Rand is a truth denier

We did not go "to war in Afghanistan because they were harboring those who attacked us on 9/11." We should be well beyond that myth.

He also said "The United States until now has resisted arming one side of the Syrian civil war." That's BS. We have at the least indirectly armed the 'terrorists' for over 2 years.

It could be argued that the 'exceptionalism' of the US has long been negated by the crimes and corruption of elements of government, corporations and bankers, especially the last 100 years since the illegal creation of the Fed.

Smart move by Rand

Cuts off any possible argument by McCain/Graham and the Republican neo-cons that he is siding against our country with his stance on Syria.

Plus it puts him on the record with a huge swath of the MSM and the sheeple.

Our country is exceptional

At the use of force.

Ron Paul Was Right

Right on Rand


We have an...

...exceptional heritage, and are standing on the shoulders of exceptional ancestors and forerunners -- giants. But by and large we are like a bunch of spoiled brats living off our inheritances, assuming because we come from such heritage we automatically deserve superior status. We are exceptionally arrogant and exceptionally ignorant of that which made us exceptional in the first place.

Yes our heritage is exceptional, but we are not living up to it.

Rand's wrong. America was

Rand's wrong. America was exceptional, and could be again, but America ain't too exceptional right now.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be. Albert Einstein

the roman's thought

they were exceptional, the germans, the british empire etc etc

The 'true Americans' who honor the Constitution

and uphold it are exceptional, even in America. In spite of all our problems, we are still exceptional, even as a nation. We still have more freedoms than the vast majority of nations do, although that is likely to change if we have not the courage to get some statists out of office.

"Hence, naturally enough, my symbol for Hell is something like the bureaucracy of a police state or the office of a thoroughly nasty business concern." ~~C.S. Lewis
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

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Glad he can say it

I'm so bummed out with the stupidity of Americans and corruption in our government, it's hard to feel proud anymore.