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Almost there! ALL 5 CNN questions now in top 15. Help get them to top 5!! Vote here if you havent!

We have submitted 5 killer questions for the CNN debate on 1/30, and need your help to vote them to the top of the most popular list.

To vote, click here http://dyn.politico.com/debate/republicans/VoteForQuestion.cfm
Vote for all 5 questions to ensure we stay on the top.

#13 on the MOST POPULAR tab (our latest question - so it needs the most help)
"If you believe we need to win the war in Iraq to make progress ..."

#6 on the MOST POPULAR tab
"What caused the housing bubble?"

#4 on the MOST POPULAR tab
"The Federal Reserve recently propped up..........."

#2 on the MOST POPULAR tab
"In the Florida debate Senator McCain said......"

#1 on the MOST POPULAR tab.
"Can you explain exactly what your definition......."

All of these questions have been designed after much debate and are will help demonstrate that RP is the best republican candidate at the 1/30 debate, even if other candidates are asked the questions instead of him. In fact, that was the explicit idea as it is our best option to reach out to voters who currently support other candidates. We intentionally stayed clear of constitution questions because all we we get from the other candidates is lip service and it would not help RP.

Please take a minute to vote. The time to debate these is over. We only have time to ensure these get to #1 through #5

Many Thanks.

For Ron Paul!

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one more NASA question to go

vote please

you know whats amazing?

There are about 7360 questions posted in the republican section (and 7391 for the democrats.) My guess is that about 60%-70% of the questions posted in the republican section are posted either by RP supporters or people who agree with his positions (and dont realize they should be voting for him).

The remaining 30%-40% work at NASA.

Speaking of NASA, they tried to retake the lead with their questions but realized the RP Grassroots support was WAY TOO STRONG - so guess what they did - they went and posted their questions on the democratic side and just in the last 2 days, got their questions to many of the top positions;


Do we have any RP supporters at NASA - imagine if we combined forces. We could even send man of common sense flyers to Mars :)

Vote people vote, we have to get ahead of the katrina question.

BTW, here are the top 15 democratic questions
Question on: Economy
Two years after Katrina and Rita and Gulf Coast schools, hospitals, police stations, roads and flood protection still lie in ruins, keeping displaced residents from returning and communities from recovering. Will you support H.R. 4048, the Gulf Coast Civic Works Act, as President to rebuild community infrastructure and create job and training opportunities for residents? Click to vote for this question

2. Question on: Education
Will you continue to support the NASA Vision for Space Exploration with its goals of exploring the Moon, Mars, and beyond? Do you see a connection between exploration and education? Click to vote for this question

3. Question on: Leadership
Do you support and will you fully fund NASA's plan to establish a Manned Lunar Base within the next decade? Click to vote for this question

4. Question on: Education
Mr. Obama would like to rob funds from the human space program to fund education. That seems counter-intuitive to me, as the space program inspires many young people to excel in school and become engineers, scientists, physicists, and the like. What is your stance on the space program, and NASA in general? Click to vote for this question

5. Question on: Economy
Are you aware that NASA has the highest positive multi-decade return on investment multiple into our gross national product, with NIH and NSF a close second, and that military spending has a negative ROI? Are you further aware that the war spending we have done since 2001 is more than double the cost of establishing a manned colony on Mars with greater predicted economic benefits? And how do you intend to apply that to moving us out of economic malaise? Click to vote for this question

6. Question on: Foreign Policy
In Darfur, as a genocide rages, the United Nations/Africa Union peacekeeping mission is being undermined by a lack of support from the international community. They need helicopters, soldiers, funding, and help overcoming the obstructions of the Sudanese government. As president, what tough, proactive actions would you take to stop the peacekeeping mission from failing. (And please give tangible solutions, not just a vague statement of support.) Click to vote for this question

7. Question on: Social Issues
NASA can and should send humans to Mars in the short term. Will you support a manned mission to Mars, or will you keep NASA's hands tied by not giving them this mission that is worthy of the $16 billion they spend each year? Click to vote for this question

8. Question on: Leadership
Due to NASA’s current plan of returning humans to the moon and on to Mars, the science budget has been the target of cuts to fund the vehicle development for the VSE, in particular research into the effect of spaceflight on the human body. However, in order to safely return humans to the moon and on to Mars, significantly more research is desperately need in this area. Moreover, the knowledge gained will not only help understand the effect of spaceflight on humans but can also translate to better understanding of some disease states on earth. What will you do to return science funding, particularly funding to life sciences, to the level necessary to keep our astronauts safe and help ensure safe and successful missions? Click to vote for this question

9. Question on: Social Issues
How important is manned space exploration for the United States, and do you support a return to the Moon in the next decade? Also, do you feel it is the right step to retire the space shuttle and leaver americans to depend on Russia for access to our own space station for five years until our new craft is ready? Would you support increasing NASA's funds to shorten the time between Click to vote for this question

10. Question on: Leadership
Can you discuss your priorities relating to the funding of NASA and the distribution of these funds between manned and robotic space missions? Click to vote for this question

11. Question on: Leadership
What is your plan to develop the commercial use of space? Click to vote for this question

12. Question on: Leadership
With both Russia and China apparently planning near-term manned and unmanned lunar and Mars exploration programs, what is your opinion on the relative strategic importance of American leadership in space exploration? Do you support the Bush administration's Vision for Space Exploration, which directs NASA to replace the Space Shuttle, return to the Moon, and eventually send humans to Mars, or would you choose to redirect NASA's priorities if elected? Click to vote for this question

13. Question on: Economy
Brazil, the European Union, Russia, Japan, and others, have committed themselves to exploring space, and some are challenging the US in plans to return astronauts to the Moon. Yet, NASA is moving head very slowly due to lack of adequate funds. Specifically, what are your plans to expedite US efforts to return to the Moon, and more generally, will you seek a remarkable increase in investment in science and technology? Click to vote for this question

14. Question on: Leadership
Would like to know your position on the future funding of manned space exploration? Thank You Click to vote for this question

15. Question on: Leadership
"How will your proposed budget reflect your commitments to activities in space? Specifically - what are your goals for Mars and the Moon, and what are you goals for Robotic, Satellite, and Human exploration, military use, industry, energy resources, and settlement in space?" Click to vote for this question

jsut voted for all the ron paul questions...

...that didnt have ron pauls name in it.

i would LOOOOOOOOVE to see them ask the Q about the "private" fed hahahahah

help ! please vote fot this


please vote fot this

if you havent


voted for 4 of them. I don't agree with the Foreign Policy (not Iraq) question (#1) above.
I think # 39 is a better question:

WHY does our government insist on maintaining bases, and supporting the economy and welfare of the world at the taxpayer's expense, while our nation's infastructure and economy is falling apart and badly in need of funding?

Also - I think the longer the question is, the least likely they will use it.

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To learn what really happened, check out

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/


I just voted for 39 as well. It didnt change positions though.

If you believe we need to win the war in Iraq to make progress in the war on terror, do we not need to start and win wars in all countries that harbor Islamic fundamentalists since they are the proclaimed enemy? Do you agree with Senator McCain's statement two weeks ago when he said "I'm sorry to tell you, theres going to be other wars".

This question was submitted in the For All candidates, foreign policy category with the intent of
1.) Exposing McCain's more wars comment
2.) Forcing other candidates to either agree with McCain (and take on his warmonger cloak) or disagree with McCain and show his ideas are extreme, which gets them closer to Paul (depending on how they answer the question)
3.) Hopefully voters have by now realized that foreign policy and the economy are tied at the hip - if they understand that, they know more wars is a bad thing economically.
4.) Make people realize that if the war on terror is about fighting islamic fundamentalism, we would have to go to war with Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arab, Indonesia, etc since ALL those countries harbor islamic fundamentalists. We would be wiped out economically. The sad part is that most of these countries hate us because of our foreign policy and we want to use our foreign policy to convert hate into blood


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truth liberate

help get ahead of katrina and nasa questions

vote if you havent

Voted and...


Help get our questions ahead of the Katrina question

the katrina question hurts RP (wellfare)

any questions on the list

any questions on the list taking mccain to task for the 100 years comment we can vote for?

Thats exactly what our last question was for

Its at #14 now. Its designed to trap the other war mongers and expose McCain

If you believe we need to win the war in Iraq to make progress in the war on terror, do we not need to start and win wars in all countries that harbor Islamic fundamentalists since they are the proclaimed enemy? Do you agree with Senator McCain's statement two weeks ago when he said "I'm sorry to tell you, theres going to be other wars".

voted for it, but i was kind

voted for it, but i was kind of hoping to see something that actually mentioned "100 years" in it so that the masses realize that he said something of that magnitude and has already committed our great grandkids to Iraq.

you are right - it does not contain the term 100 years

my bad. sorry.

Hope you voted for all the questions we listed above

I submitted this question yesterday. Foreign policy # 716

Before and after 9/11, al qaeda told us that they could not defeat us head to head in a fight. But what they also said is that they would hit us where it hurt most, the economy. So back to 9/11. Al qaeda attacked the world trade center( at the time the center of the world economy) and the pentagon( symbol of our military industrial complex). So fast forward to today, our economy is in the tank, we are stuck in two wars that are bankrupting this country and al qaedas numbers are growing around the world EVERYDAY. So tell me who is truly winning this war?


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they are changing the question numbers...

make sure you read them. They must figure we'll just vote without reading!

its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
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make sure this gets posted

make sure this gets posted at ronpaulwarroom.com and other ron paul websites. great questions.

H.R. 393 Question

Click on recent questions button and look at (around) # 50 - question regarding the national service act bill # H.R. 393, I think this is an excellent question to show how much better Ron Paul is than the rest of the skunks!

Ron Paul he's my hero!

yup... can't hurt to get

yup... can't hurt to get more good questions

great question. can you find it on the most popular listing

and post here. I will update the main thread. Currently 52 on most recent. I voted for it.

Where does it say

that the highest voted questions would be asked?

I don't believe it says that

I don't believe it says that anywhere. But how are they going to look if they don't ask any of them!

Ok voted again and submitted

Ok voted again and submitted new questions..

"Are you a member of or have you ever been a member of any secret clubs or secret organizations?"

Don't tase me, bro!

Don't tase me, bro!

What is their criteria?

Do they read one's chosen as most popular? Or do the moderators get to pick which questions they want. If that's the case, there's not much point in this. But whatever, I voted anyways, and if they don't use our questions, it will just make our case for us and inspire us to be more vigilant.

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rights of another, and this is all from which the laws ought to restrain him." --Thomas Jefferson

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UPDATE - Please vote.

1. Question on: Economy
Can you explain exactly what your
2. Question on: Foreign Policy (Not Iraq)
In the Florida debate Senator McCain said "we have American
5. Question on: Economy
The Federal Reserve recently propped up the markets
6. Question on: Economy
What caused the housing bubble?
17. Question on: Foreign Policy (Not Iraq)
If you believe we need to win the war in Iraq to make progress in the war on terror

H.R. 1955 question

Please also vote for this question... last I checked it was number 10 on the list of most popular!

It's all about H.R. 1955... it's a good question for Paul to show support of liberty and to demonstrate leadership, it will discredit the other candidates who probably won't even know anything about it, and it will educate the public about this most dangerous bill.