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Someone spray painted “1776″ all over a speed camera

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More like a sweet ass customization of our tax funded piece of equipment that was designed to indirectly pick our pockets. Here's a sad thought, I wonder how many people drove by it and were all like "uh what's 1776?"

Beep beep boop beep... I am a Paulbot... prepare for liberty and prosperity!



The Boondocks - Snitching: A

The Boondocks - Snitching: A Retrospective

35 MPH is slow as hell. Under

35 MPH is slow as hell. Under reasonable driving conditions it is legal the exceed that minimum limit by law.

I say destroy all those revenue generating machines that are ruining peoples lives.

I hope

the 'See Something Say Something' TURNS UP NOTHING and every robotic effort the government implements to destroy humanity get's spray painted in like manner.