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How about Obama hand over the Nobel Peace Prize to...

Putin (Putin is currently doing more to avoid war than Obama administration!)


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Why not John Kerry?

it was his awesome sarcastic idea.

I actually believe Kerry's

I actually believe Kerry's comment was a smart-aleck remark that was swiftly taken advantage of by Putin. That's the strategic mind of a chess grandmaster in action. I don't believe the idea had been discussed with Obama previously, otherwise he would've offered it as an alternative to Assad.

Also, please change the thread title. The correct spelling is "Nobel".

You are correct and great analogy, chess grandmaster

If you listen to Kerry at the time, I think he realized his mistake a second after he said it, because he quickly followed up saying that won't happen. By then it was too late, checkmate, game over, SCORE!


Thanks! Currently up to 781...

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I was being sarcastic. It was a huge blunder. He's going to be sent to the bottom of the feces pit to be urinated on by the other members of Skull & Bones.