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Congressman Thomas Massie Helped Out My Small Business and He Drives a Tesla!

Thank you sir for supporting my small Liberty business! And for supporting the Grave's bill!

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how is it not the same

technically its all money from the pot one way or another.

Doesn't matter how it got there. Or how it is "redistributed".

Since Dr Paul and Massie have probably put way more in then I have, Im not in a position to make trash either of them. But be nice if people could at least be more consistent.

And how do we know Massie didn't pay the full price at 100k. We don't.

All of taxation is a blatant attack on the free market. When people don't have their money, it can't be spent in the free market.


He is voluntarily supporting it by buying it. If we didn't buy them, the program would cease to exist. The other programs you mentioned are forced participation. You should collect what you can because you are not going to get back what you put in...

Ron Paul is voluntarily supporting the system by sending money

back home. Validating the systems existence by participating in it.

You can't have it both ways.

I don't fault the good doctor. But again, I ask for consistency from people.

The tesla goes against

the economic ideas of Dr. Paul. THat is what is different. We can go back and forth on this all night....supporting that type of manufacturing is as anti free market as it gets.

supporting any type of gov redistribution goes against

libertarian principals and free market principals.


You mentioned Ron Paul

You think he would support a program such as the Tesla? No, and on top of that he wouldn't buy it. I promise you that. I believe I remember reading that he refused to use the Metrorail in DC as well. Its the fact that it goes against the very core of free markets. That is why I don't think it is the same as other govt programs. Yes, they are all bad and redistribute wealth, but, the actual economic factors and consequences of this are much more in contrast with Paul's philosophy.

i never said RP would buy one.. Did you read that anywhere?

No you didn't, not in my comments anyway.

You minarchists still completely miss the point.

Have you ever claimed a deduction on your taxes? If you did, then you are hypocrite.

I will agree that the Tesla situation is a much more obvious attack on the free market. But what you are failing to fully acknowledge is the fact that gov involvement in ANY thing be it earmarks to send money home or subsidies for corporations is still fundamentally the same thing.

One is hypocritical to complain about one, but look the other way on another.

Again, I won't trash RP or Massie as I am no better. Not to mention both of them have contributed far more then you or I probably ever will. But I am not going around looking like a hypocrite complaining about one hand in the cookie jar while ignoring another. To continue to take part in the system could be argued as being the same as propagating it.

I don't know why we are arguing about this

We are in agreement. I agree that I am a hypocrite when it comes to taxing, etc. I am also not a minarchist. I just think that it is a symbolic gesture of a vehicle, similar to vehicles made in Eastern Germany or North Korea. Why even go that far down the path of hypocrisy and endorse that behavior? That is all I am trying to say. Even a liberal can use that as ammunition against massie as they could point out the hypocrisy. I just don't understand the point of leaving that door open politically.

I was going to say the same thing

Now, I considered buying one myself knowing what it costs to make it and how much they are going for. It is definitely a good deal considering the dollars and cents. But, it is our tax money subsidizing it, which makes it not right.


I don't get why someone downvoted Nolan,

I'm all for open thinking - I upvoted his downvote because I hate people being closed minded especially when someone like Nolan isn't ignoring what doesn't suit.

Cool!! I'm a car nut myself....and

the REVOLUTION badge would look nice on my Sky-Activ Mazda6 Touring 6MT. :)

Huge bump

Huge bump!