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Common law Grand Jury? What do you think?

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Sound good, Is it too good to be true or is it able to be introduced into the system?

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Actionable Remedy


If anyone is looking for one of the contact points between crime and defense against crime (defense of Liberty) then this is one of those points of contact.

I mean, in other words, the concept of doing something other than voting in a fraudulent election that won't be counted, and other than paying more "taxes" (extortion fees) whenever those payments are demanded, and paid without question, anyone, wanting to do something other than those two things, but failing to find something actionable for remedy against fraudulent elections and legal extortion, then there is one place where the rubber meets the road.


Please consider

The Problem is definable?

Note the question mark.

If The Problem is definable, then how many definitions of The Problem can be known, and acted upon?

If the answer is ONE, then to me you have defined The Problem by example.

I mean, please, consider that the problem is MONOPOLY; whereby there is only ONE and that ONE is enforced, and there is no competition to be used to appraise the relative utility of the ONE.

I may have lost you, at this point, I don't know you.

Suppose there are TWO, and not ONE, definitions of THE PROBLEM instead of only ONE?


Here is an example of ONE definition of The Problem that may be the ONE that is the MONOPOLY ONE, and so this ONE is Enforced, and all those who exist must OBEY this ONE, without question.

You are either with us or you are with the Terrorists.

Here is a link that may help exemplify how The Problem, so defined, appears in fact:


So my point here is to point out that your link is one of the best, if not THE BEST solutions to THE PROBLEM.

Why not have 100, or 1000 competitive solutions going on all at once?

A group over there starts producing Gold as a Legal Competitive currency. I know that people in Utah are working on that front.

Over there in Virginia there are people gearing up for a State currency to have ready when the ONE MONOPOLY LEGAL MONEY FRAUD POWER implodes upon itself, on schedule, just like those buildings did on 911.

Jurors are seeing the light, here, and here, and there, and there, and they are acquitting people charged with failing to pay the National Legal Extortion Fee that is falsely called Federal Income Tax, because Jurors are not going to hand down a guilty verdict if the accusers can't provide the actual Law that supposedly exists whereby said Extortion Fee is demanded by those Union Lawyers.

If the idea is to begin regaining control over the power of moral law, then can anyone expect to reach that goal by giving up all their hard earned economic power to sociopaths, psychopaths, child sex traders, rapists, robbers, torturers, murderers, mass murderers, and mega murderers, asking them, asking those criminals, if those criminals would, please, stop being such terrifying, and horrifying, destructive criminals?

Please sir, can I have some more?

Here have my blood, sweat, and tears, and if possible, please, don't spend it on more bloody wars for your profit at my expense?

So my answer to your welcome information, without the wall of text above, is to say that a moral jury may actually reach a moral goal, and I think the name used by the jurors (common law jury, lawful jury, grand jury, good jury, national jury, federal jury, state jury, county jury, city jury, Admiralty jury, corporate jury, peers jury, men jury, women jury, family jury, free people jury, independent jury, liberated citizens jury, hand picked by criminals jury, hand picked by criminals with badges jury, randomly picked jury, professional jury, authorized jury, union member jury, common sense jury) can either be a false name or a true one.

Which ONE is better?

How can you know which one is better if there is only ONE and it is false?


Section 4.
The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.


Shut up and get back to work?

Link to 3rd Continental Congress Articles of Freedom (referred to in the video linked by the OP):


FYI, or to whom it may concern, there is a signup process for joining in with this group of people who are finding ways to defend Liberty.

I could not join, in good conscience, the Jurist group, since they demand a oath to The Constitution of The United States, which I know to be a fraud, a crime in progress, so I can't do that, but I am trying to join the Meetup group, and I can try the conference call group.

To join the Meetup group there is a form to fill out including:

Are you or will you become a jurist?

My answer:

I do not consent to being subject to The Constitution of The United States, so called, since I happen to know that it was a Fraud from the Start. A quick reading of the words of George Mason or Patrick Henry in opposition to said document is sufficient to rest that case.

Are you or will you become a committeeman?

My answer:

Again, if a requirement is to "uphold and defend" a crime in progress, the crime of fraud, and the crime of extortion, then no, since I am not a criminal. I do not declare my subjugation to criminals currently perpetrated crimes upon innocent victims. This is not superficial. Take, for example, those parts in the so called "Constitution" whereby slavery is made legal, whereby piracy is made legal, and whereby it is illegal to obey the laws that were well enough explained in The Declaration of Independence. It is our duty to separate from (at least), not join, criminal governments. Why is that not easy to know?


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