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...and they are spying on your credit card transactions

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau officials are seeking to monitor four out of every five U.S. consumer credit card...


What *aren't* they spying on?

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How to not be monitored

live like and emulate BIGFOOT, otherwise learn to live with it! In society every contact, action, or expression is open to monitoring.

I've always assumed credit

I've always assumed credit card transactions were monitored and reported, so whenever feasible, I use cash and provide no personal information to the retailer. If they ask for phone number or zip code I reply, "decline to state."

Me too Velveeta..

Ever since I've been able to look at my bank account online and see every detail of every credit/debit transaction listed, I've known people with access to my "files", could and would look at anything I do using a card.

I too use cash as much as possible. When people ask me for my phone number I tell thenm I don't have a phone. When they ask for my email address or other personal information I tell them "its classified". To the ones that don't just laugh and say okay...I understand...I explain by saying...you know how the government classifies damn near everthing for "national security"? Well, I keep all my personal information "classified" for my "individual security".

More and more cashiers/tellers. etc., are just saying "no problem...I understand" without me having to explain further. More and more places also seem to be reversing their decades long trend of disliking cash or looking at me like I'm strange when I pay for large transactions in cash. Many of my cash transactions include FRN's that have END THE FED or Bernanke is a criminal written on them in black marker too. I write stuff like that on my cash whenever I think about it and take the time to write. lol.

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Its safe to assume.

Everything you do on an electronic platform is being recorded by someone. Even if they don't admit it that's hasn't stopped them from doing it.