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Meet The Enemy: Stephen Colbert's Bizarre Interview With CIA Official

Wow...this guy is a psycho with no sense of humor. Interesting comments he makes about not owning a television, however. One of the most bizarre interviews I've ever seen.


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so.....let me get this straight...

Public opinion matters when it comes to torture, but doesn't matter when it comes to war??? I just can't seem to wrap my head around that one. I think the words "war crimes" might pertain to his individual logic?

He needs more makeup next time

so you can't see those splotches of lizard skin.

This guy is a trained Liar, Manipulator, and Killer

The Assassin and Tool of Wolves.

The stench of evil oozes from every pore. The lives extinguished and cries of the innocents ruined by his actions rise invisibly in clouds about his head.

I knew there was something about this guy that creeped me out, guess that must have been it ...

Sorry excuse for a


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I thought about posting this here as well

That was a really frank interview from a real security state bureaucrat. He openly admits to and is proud of ordering torture.

Anyone who hasn't watch this interview should definitely check it out. I think it's front page material. It's a great interview. This guy does NOT joke around.

i dont know guys

he seems like a reasonable articulate person who's thought out these issues rationally and doesnt seem like a paid for shill... i'm inclined to agree with everything he says

ok, ok... sarc tag in before i get downvoted :-)

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I also felt he was forthright

I also felt he was forthright in his responses. However he feels his unabashed unashamed view of his job and what it entails is not up for judgment. He is trained as is all our military to be void of emotional ties or sentiments. This is the one real fear I'm developing for personnel in uniform. police, military et al. that they will be consummate about their job without choice of remorse.

this probably should've been

this probably should've been front paged...this is a pretty disturbing, revealing interview.

So this guy is lying

Or Patreus is lying about the Gov't spying on is through our appliances and smart meters. I think I'll believe Patreus. Have you ever broke open a CFL bulb base? It looks like a radio with a whole bunch of transistors, diodes and gadgets. I can't imagine all that is necessary for a simple lightbulb! Assume you have no privacy unless you are completely off-grid.

Actually, I was playing

Actually, I was playing around with my multimeter(Uni-T brand) and aimed the probes at the bulbs in my ceiling light which is CFL. I had it on the frequency measure and it picked up a whole range of khz frequencies.
In all seriousness though, I looked up the schemtics and I am suprised that they use a switching power supply for the bulbs. Basically they rectify the AC to DC and then turn that on and off at a high frequency and run it through a small transformer and into the bulbs. After looking at a bit more, this helps to smooth out flickering and that sort of thing. I am sure that the actual switching frequency is tuned in some way to better use the bulb, but I didnt bother looking into it.
So no, not a radio, just alot of engineering that could only have come about with the solid state electronics we have today.
Interesting thought though, I am not sure an EMP would destroy the filament in the old bulbs as thats mostly what it is.(might get it to pop, but I am not sure). An EMP would certainly destroy the CFL bulbs though since they have that circuitry and solid state components. Depending on the ratings of the components, I am sure there is a difference in the reaction to current surges as well. Would have to look that up.

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Just more programing of the narritive.

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This guy has that motormouth superfast speaking style...

typical of most of the sociopaths I've ever met...

Pandacentricism will be our downfall.

Arrogant mid-level

Arrogant mid-level psychopath. Colbert demonstrated the exact way to question those retards.

And I believe what Vladimir Putin wrote is true.

Speakig of the CIA...

I just watched a VERY interesting documentary about former CIA director William Colby. The documentary was called The Man Nobody Knew and was produced by Colby's son.

There is a large section of the documentary devoted to Vietnam...how we CAUSED the coup in South Vietnam, how we played both sides of the war, how we treated the Viet Cong or anyone suspected of being a North Vietnamese operative (think Abu-Ghraib jungle-style, no oversight, no moral boundaries).

NOTHING has changed and anyone who says Iraq and the current wars we are embroiled in at present do not imitate the Vietnam debacle is full of bologna.

Highly recommend the documentary.

Here is the info from Amazon:

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A really

good documentary, do watch it.

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I couldn't even finish watching

As funny as Colbert is, I couldn't finish watching this bald faced lying traitor to humanity.

I think it is important to note

Mr. Mudd did not try to deflect, dodge, or deceive on tough questions regarding the use of interrogation tactics. No matter how bad an answer is perceived ... a direct honest answer and acceptance of responsibility counts for something.

Colbert's Mercedes

No doubt Colbert pissed Mudd off a bit. Wonder if Colbert's Mercedes will go for a wild ride and blow up??


crazy interview

good job for colby getting this guy on the record

We watch

Colbert and Stewart pretty regularly online. This past week Colbert let Rand have it one night for "flip-flopping on Syria" in a piece that I felt was a bit unfair... I'm still getting over that, lol!

Normally I agree with him on *most* things, but that one pissed me off.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Here's a link

If you want to skip straight to the segment I'm referring to, it's the 3rd one down... you can see Rand will a small furry animal on his head in the window, lol.


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Yeah I agree

Rand didn't flip flop. His comments were taken out of context. Rand said Assad should be held accountable, but that doesn't mean military involvement. There are other things that can be done, which is what people seem to miss.

It's the same confusion people have about calling non-interventionists isolationists. Non-intervention doesn't mean you can't be diplomatic, and be friends with other nations, talk and trade with them etc.


I expect that more from Stewart than I do from Colbert, so I was disappointed.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Colbert is awesome in this -

Colbert is awesome in this - he tears this guy apart. Mudd is beyond creepy...he seems a little unhinged.

Colbert doesn't care

He tore into Bush too:

This was classic

One of the best satiric moments in all of history imo.

A classic moment, he mindfked the oligarchy and the presstitute core in front of the entire nation.

yep..this was great.

yep..this was great.

by the way - this interview

by the way - this interview should redeem him in the eyes of the people that cried about the Rand Paul jokes...This is why people list Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert as their favorite news sources - they get more truth out of guests than any corporate outfit. As comedians, they can get away with a lot.

That guy

is wound up waaaaay too tight. His whole attitude reminds me of a rottweiler, just a one track mind with the goal to attack and win at any cost.

That's why we elect citizens to the presidency. Somebody like that gets in and we'd already be in WW3.

Another educated, arrogant, ignorant and dangerous man.

The sad part is that he worked for us.

At least he was not ashamed nor apologetic about the blood on his hands.

Scary interview, thanks for posting.