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Ten Things We've Learned About The NSA From A Summer Of Snowden Leaks

Andy Greenberg, Forbes - 9/9/2013

“The truth is coming, and it cannot be stopped,” Edward Snowden told readers of the Guardian in June. At the time, just a few weeks into the publication of documents that the 30-year-old former National Security Agency contractor had siphoned from his workstation in Hawaii, that prophetic statement might have seemed like grandstanding. But close to three months later, the collection of Snowden’s revelations has grown to the megaleak proportions of WikiLeaks’ Cablegate or Daniel Ellsberg’s Pentagon Papers, with no end in sight. For those who watch the watchers, Snowden may well have become the most important leaker of the 21st century.

Snowden himself has managed to take refuge in Russia and disappear from the headlines, putting the full spotlight back onto his bombshell documents. But as with all megaleaks, the sheer number of scoops he’s enabled threatens to overwhelm anyone tracking the NSA’s still-growing scandal. Here are a few highlights from what we’ve learned so far in the Summer of Snowden.

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The backdoor-planting

The backdoor-planting projects, known as “Bullrun” in the United States and “Edgehill” within the NSA’s British equivalent the GCHQ, have made “vast amounts of encrypted Internet data…exploitable,” according to one leaked document."

And they will use systems such as the PATENT system to CONTROL outside "players" from introducing encryptions WITHOUT a backdoor, Copyright to censor opinion, and cyber security to justify "legal" hacking

And it has also exposed

how far the MSM has gone, and how far it has infiltrated the minds of free Americans.

Even here, on DP, his efforts have been demonized.

There is no individual under attack, it is the mere suggestion of freedom that is under attack.

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Thanks for the recap!

Although many here already knew or suspected much of this NSA spying we can thank Snowden for making this known to people worldwide.

If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.

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Bump for the Summer of Snowden

He's doing it right.


He's the man.

I like that "The summer of

I like that

"The summer of Snowden"