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Oh for Heaven's Sake, Truthers, This is Easy: Only Mentally Ill Cannot See it Here


Forget the ding-dong of the doo-da resistance factor of construction steel, just show them this. Anyone who cannot see that the towers are being blown apart can be considered mentally ill. Those little spinning sticks you see are 2 and 5-foot wide beams made out of steel.

Cut Steel Being Hurled Laterally at Speeds up to 80 MPH

Combine it with what they found laying on the ground, these photos are 11 days later, and wtf:

Aerial View, Steel Debris, from BushArchives.org

Aerial Veiw, Steel Debris, from BushArchives.org

All those pieces you see blown out are laying straight as arrows to Kingdom Come. There are even full chunks of perimeter wall on top of Building 4 (click for the close-ups.) So that eliminates crews moving them out of the way for rescue. Why would they move them to the tops of buildings?

Anyone who can't see it now, I don't even know if I want to be friends with. They could do something crazy in a crunch.

FROM: 'How it Was Done: 9/11 and the Science of Building Demolition"

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Not sure if this is supposed to be an argument that it was a controlled demolition or not? If you're trying to say this shows that it was a controlled demolition, how many modern controlled demolitions end up with steel and junk being scattered far and wide? They're usually fairly contained aren't they?

Certainly explosives are more a more plausible explanation

for steel beams being cut and flung out at explosive speeds, than a supposed gravitational collapse in which 'steel got soft and buckeled.'

But yes there is an answer to your question. There are differnt types of demolitions, most of us are familiar with bottom-up implosions, which we see falling into their own footprints. But for taller buildings another kind is used, because tipping is a danger. It takes the building apart starting from the top-down.

Here is one of these done in China. Note the streamers of arcing debris falling far away from the base. Look familiar? This is all explained thoroughly in "How it Was Done: 9/11 and the Science of Building Demolition": http://www.dailypaul.com/298360/at-last-how-it-was-done-9-11...

China demolition


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Thank you for posting this.

Thank you for posting this. 911 discussions need to continue. 911 woke me up after believing the official conspiracy theory for a few years. After realizing the truth I was looking for honest politicians and found Ron Paul.

A friend of mine just left

This topic came up while he was here. He was trained by the Military to use Cadmium and Thermite to both weld things together or take them apart. The result of the discussion was conclusive.

Unconstitutional War - "The story you are about to hear is true; the names and places are being changed to protect the guilty."

Sue4the bil of lrights

Dude .. I commend you .. This is the most important issue in the history of the world .. I am an engineer and work with engineers that should no engineering ..But it doesn't matter they don't believe and will not believe no matter what i show them .. I think it is obvious ..they can not and will not get over the fact of the government saying the truth so it is truth it is like the government is god the young guys i work with know 9/11 is bs the old guys can not wake from there slumber .. all i get is ridicule .... they are so ignorant .. There thinking is so controlled they can not "think" anymore .. It is so hard i blame it on the people r nowadays are stupid lemmings they r lazy or just afraid i can't figure it out .. but i will keep trying .. Americans r fat dumb and lazy ... they r afraid they are set in there life is good ways nothin will change .. they don't know history

Have you tried asking them

Have you tried asking them what makes the humans that make up the government any more honest and trustworthy than a random human off the street, in a store, etc etc etc?
The only correct answer here is that there is not. Any other answer will have been pulled from a person's ass and is crap. Maybe they would like a bag for that?

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

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Excellent post!

Norfolk, VA

Time to INVESTIGATE the investigators of 9/11. PROSECUTE the prosecutors. EXPOSE the cover-up.

Just remember its a good thing to be called a truther

Because those who are not truthers often are liars.

911 is all about those liars and certianly not about those truthers.

Dr Paul has talked about 911 in interviews that I have seen. So to say that he is trying to avoid the issue because its controversial is not the way I read him at all.

911 was one of the bigest crimes pulled against this nation only to be topped by the Federal Reserve issuing our curency as a (false debt) compounding national debt. And the same crime family and their gang appear to be behind 911 from the evidence I have seen.


Stop posting this garbage

Stop posting this garbage here. There's a reason you don't hear Ron Paul talking about 9/11 Truth; he has 100 other topics he can talk about with 100% irrefutable facts to point people towards so they don't just tune out and roll their eyes.

Listen, I get it....there are conspiracies out there. Hell, there are thousands of them, but the fact is when you choose pet conspiracy theories over 100 better option you aren't doing the liberty movement any favors. Instead, you are creating an uphill battle for the rest of us all because you can't see beyond your own selfishness. Again, before you say something stupid about me being a shill, remember, that would also make Ron a shill.

The shills here are those who keep stirring these pots for no good reason. It's either that, or they are just dumb. If you really give a damn about 9/11 Truth, win the war first and then ALL THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT. If you can't see that, you're mentally ill.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

No. I'll never stop talking

No. I'll never stop talking about the catalyst that brought this country down. It is the defining event. It is the seed from which all the wars and destruction of our liberties came. It was a new pearl harbor event and we the people have been under constant attack ever since. Hide your head in the sand if you want. I'll shout it from the roof.


"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

911 is a turning point for a

911 is a turning point for a lot of people. For people who down grade "conspiracy" theories especially since some have been correct like WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION that did not exist, need to let the process of discovery alone. Why so fearful if it is not true?

Im all for Ron...(aren't we all?)

But this does not mean I agree with his every belief/stance...so you make no point.

"you choose pet conspiracy theories over 100 better option..."

(I don't take your post personally, I get what you're saying) But should we just forget the Governemnt sold us a load of BS?? And since its BS, we (I) want to know the truth. Simple as that.

Red Flags

Aside from Building 7, what always makes me wonder how people don't wake up is the fact our own government was running drills of flying planes into the WTC and the Pentagon, the very same day the supposed 19 arabs did the exact same thing?

...then to top this off, during the 7/7 London bombings, they were conducting bomb drills the very same day when the real thing happens??

Any one have the Vegas odds to this??

Next, I ask...why did the Secret Service let Bush continue reading the Pet Goat and pose for photos instead of rushing him to safety...I mean, how did they know he wasnt a target? (His location was announced days in advance, with an airport just down the road...)



"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

so silverstein helped conceive

of 911 for insurance money..it is best to remove him from the debate in total..

Political Strategy

Even if you convinced the whole country that 9/11 was an inside job, and arrested and convicted every single person involved, it would accomplish almost nothing. More bad people would replace the displaced ones almost immediately. Clever legislation might even make things worse.

The problem with our country is not that there are some bad people in power, it's that the people put and keep bad people in power, and they do that because they are not "converted" to the principles of good government. If a critical mass of people with good political principles is active in the process, then the bad people will be removed organically.

Perhaps it's naive to think that it's even possible to get anywhere with that approach, but nothing else can do any better as I see it.

"Sometimes it is said that man cannot be trusted with the government of himself. Can he, then, be trusted with the government of others? Or have we found angels in the forms of kings to govern him?" -Thomas Jefferson

A few examples go a long way, since that is what bad people

...understand. If you are right, and bad people are merely replaced by more bad people, those new ones will have the fate of the previous ones to think about, to keep them in check.

And maybe I'm easy to please. If on my dying day I look up at the TV and see Dick Cheney in handcuffs, then no matter what happens after, I will close my eyes in peace.

It is false that the evil-doers never get their come-uppance. Remember:

Mubarak then

Mubarak now (with the revolution still incomplete and wrested from the hands of MB)

Mussolini then

Mussolini and fascist buddies after (the Neocons of the time)

Release the Sandy Hook video.

I think catching, exposing and punishing the perpetrators (bad

people) would make an enormous difference. People would regain hope if there were a little justice done. And it would scare off other would be bad people. Right now, most good people seem to think that nothing does any good or makes any difference because the bad people just keep doing what they want to do and never get punished.

Just today retiree at a farmer's market told me that he thinks trying to do anything to change things is like "spitting in the wind" (I was asking him to sign a petition). And I get a very similar response from many, maybe most, people.

A major spate of justice--real strong punishment for crimes and unjust actions committed by the powerful--would, I think, arouse people from their current hopelessness and apathy. So, organic removal sounds good, but I think that heads also need to roll big time.

Your argument is nothing but

Your argument is nothing but an emotional appeal that doesn't take political and human reality into account. If you really care about justice being served you have to win the war first. 9/11 is but one of hundreds if not thousands of conspiracies that kill innocent people wholesale daily. Concentrating on one instead of ushering in a sea change and ending them all is extremely selfish, naive, or corrupt.

"In reality, the Constitution itself is incapable of achieving what we would like in limiting government power, no matter how well written."

~ Ron Paul, End the Fed

you really need...

To start a thread about conspiracies that deserve more attention than 9/11.

Because I cannot think of many that top it.

One question about this video..

Didn't he say they were cutting those beams after the fact?

That being said I think that it's far more probable that the buildings all came down via explosives... I'm just trying to be objective.

That's the point

Yes he's talking about cuts that were made during cleanup. He says they were cutting off chunks of around 55-60 tons each, which explains the similar lengths. And he specifically points out where they had made some angled cuts of the kind that get some truthers all tingly. Oh well.

No need to speculate how they got cut. You can see it

happening before your eyes, straight, uniform-length steel beams spinning out into space, at speeds clocked up to 80MPH. This is what ordinary cutter and kicker charges do.

You guys love to blow smoke just to show how stupid Americans can be. But we have the evidence, there is no such thing as a perfect crime.


Release the Sandy Hook video.

Uniform-length steel

Wouldn't it be funny if, when they built the building, rather than beams of random lengths they tended to use lots of beams of uniform lengths? Crazy idea, I know, but hear me out ... maybe they thought that using lots of beams of the same length would make it easier to design the building, and easier to build, than using lots of different random lengths. And then as long as we're making wild speculations, what if the designers specified beams with square ends. Why? Who knows. Maybe they thought things would fit together better. And what if instead of magical welding that is stronger than steel, they used ordinary welding. Then when the building was ripped apart maybe the welds would tend to give way first, and ...

Naah. That's craaaaazy.

If you didn't exist to make the truther movement look silly, someone who desperately wants to avoid another investigation would invent you.

Yea what a concept, uniform length pieces of steel

that cuts itself to pieces when a fire starts. And then gets shipped to China to be melted, against the law, so no one can ever find out how it cut itself, into thousands of straight as arrow pieces.

The official story says the steel got soft and buckled, right? So why isn't it all buckled, and twisted like pretzels?

You've been had, shill. You can't say it buckled like clay and then explain the cleanly-cut, straight uniform lengths. You can't have it both ways.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Funnier and funnier

The official story says the steel got soft and buckled, right? So why isn't it all buckled, and twisted like pretzels? You've been had, shill. You can't say it buckled like clay and then explain the cleanly-cut, straight uniform lengths. You can't have it both ways.

Okay so your argument is that if *some* beams buckled, then they *all* must have buckled. They've either all got to be bent, or all got to be straight.

If you didn't exist, someone who desperately wants to discredit the truther movement would have to invent you.

And if I were your boss I'd be looking for a new shill

...you aren't very good at this.

Again, why would THE VAST MAJORITY of the steel be in straight, cleanly cut lengths, if your collapsed mechanism was that the steel got soft like "clay" and buckled? I remember you shills saying to challenges that "fire cannot melt steel" that: "It wouldn't need to MELT it, retard! It only has to lose most of its strength!"

So, the story goes, it gt soft like clay and buckled.

So where's all that buckled steel, which should be heaped like pretzels inside the tower footprints, not cut in pieces across an area the size of three football fields?

Like I said you can't have it both ways, shill. MOST of the steel should be twisted or heat-deformed in some manner. Now ain't it convenient: we can't go back and double check, because you guys sent the steel to China, illegally, to be melted. CASE CLOSED, GUILTY.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

Doubling down, eh?

Let's review just the past week or so. You've confused gravitational force with kinetic energy. You've made arguments that seemed to deny the existence of kinetic energy. And others that deny potential energy. You've talked about matter vanishing, and energy being created. You made one argument that assumed that if the earth isn't crushed by a falling object, then buildings can't be either. Another expressing surprise that a building made of steel elements of various uniform lengths would, when destroyed, have steel elements of uniform lengths in the rubble. You've misrepresented the argument about buckling steel, and the evidence that it actually happened, by pretending that if it was happening in one part of the building it must have happened all over.

I don't believe that a depth and breath of ignorance you've exhibited just in the past week can be anything but feigned. I'll bet you'll be having a laugh this evening, with some friends or on some mailing list, about how you keep dreaming up arguments that are more and more absurd, and feigning scientific illiteracy so extreme that it's really implausible, and for the most part you keep getting away with it.

What gets me tingly is the

What gets me tingly is the derision heaped on people that don't trust the word of known thieves, liars and murderers. I am a Truther. It means I am searching for the truth. What does that make you? A liar?

Have you been paying attention for the last 13 years? Did you not realize that the 9/11 event was the germ that's spawned every evil that has followed since then? Have you not put 2 and 2 together yet?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan