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Oh for Heaven's Sake, Truthers, This is Easy: Only Mentally Ill Cannot See it Here


Forget the ding-dong of the doo-da resistance factor of construction steel, just show them this. Anyone who cannot see that the towers are being blown apart can be considered mentally ill. Those little spinning sticks you see are 2 and 5-foot wide beams made out of steel.

Cut Steel Being Hurled Laterally at Speeds up to 80 MPH

Combine it with what they found laying on the ground, these photos are 11 days later, and wtf:

Aerial View, Steel Debris, from BushArchives.org

Aerial Veiw, Steel Debris, from BushArchives.org

All those pieces you see blown out are laying straight as arrows to Kingdom Come. There are even full chunks of perimeter wall on top of Building 4 (click for the close-ups.) So that eliminates crews moving them out of the way for rescue. Why would they move them to the tops of buildings?

Anyone who can't see it now, I don't even know if I want to be friends with. They could do something crazy in a crunch.

FROM: 'How it Was Done: 9/11 and the Science of Building Demolition"

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Searching for truth

I'm not making fun of you, I'm making fun of scientific illiteracy. If you're searching for truth you'll also want to shun scientific illiteracy, because it doesn't lead to truth.

Let me put it this way. If someone sees one of the billboards or whatever and wants to look into these questions, and the first ten things they see are bogus, what's their reaction going to be? Suppose they're not sheepishly just swallowing it, they're looking at both sides of the argument. The see a photo of a diagonally-cut girder; thirty seconds later they've found a video about a cleanup crew making those diagonal cuts to take down standing beams. They see an argument that confuses acceleration due to gravity with kinetic energy, and they remember enough high school physics to roll their eyes at it and laugh. They see a video that seems to be arguing that free-fall doesn't start immediately much like a dragster may be delayed getting off the starting line, and again they roll their eyes and laugh. And so on. Have they been won over? Or have they been convinced that to be a truther you have to be scientifically illiterate and cherry pick the evidence? Anyone who wants the truth should be happy to see bad arguments rejected.

No duh, 9/11 has been used as an excuse for many, many horrible things, domestically and abroad.

I recently reviewed everything I could find that Ron Paul said about 9/11. I didn't find anything I disagreed with. I think he was right that it was about blowback, and that he's right that a new investigation is needed. I happy to defend those things. I don't care to be associated with theories about holographic planes and disintegration rays and militant scientific illiteracy.

" I don't care to be

" I don't care to be associated with theories about holographic planes and disintegration rays and militant scientific illiteracy."

Neither do I, and neither do I want to be associated with the 'scientific illiteracy' and outright lies of NIST or any other official government mouthpiece. The how is not nearly as important as the why and the who.

It was done to us, not by militant arabs, but by those in power. It was a coup d'État and the criminals responsible are still in power.

Blowback? No.

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

doesn't matter what he said.

all aerial photos show thousands of same length, clean cut beams, scattered like tooth picks, before the clean-up.

ding dong on da doo dah day


De Camptown races


Dat shiz was done on da inside.

Have to speak sheep for them to understand.

It continues to amaze me

Same old stuff over and over.

The inside jobbers and the CD freaks are so motivated to believe what they have been sold.

I am just going to sit up in the gallery and eat peanuts when this topic is discussed.

Like I have said before ...

"The truth is we do not know the truth."

You adopt that. The original mission statement of the truth movement. And I am on board. Bld 7 being "pulled"? Still possible. Highly unlikely, but possible. But the towers being "pulled"? And by some contractor that was ran by GWB's brother?

Lord Have mercy. You have gone over the deep end. And it is going to come back and bite you.

I be up here eating peanuts watching the whole thing.

What else

would you be doing? It is your mission.

doesn't take much to amaze you!

"Bld 7 being "pulled"? Still possible. Highly unlikely, but possible.

How about; Bld 7 burning down or collapsing from fire.
Not possible.
The Towers being pulled?
Silverstein admitted it and there is no other way the building could have come down @the speed of gravity unless all resistance was removed.
It's never happened anywhere in the history of the world before 9/11 and it's never happened again since 9/11.
Bush's brother had the ability to grant access. I doubt he knew all. The building was also completely powered down killing all security recordings, on several occasions, in the weeks prior to 9/11. Never happened in the history of the complex.
Now if you even open your mouth in rebuttal of this simple, self-evident, information, you're an ignoramus.

What's your opinion?

Are you inclined to believe the official story, or just happy to say you don't know?

That's my thing... I believe there is some evidence to support either theory, but I do NOT trust my government. I do believe there were people in powerful positions who looked the other way. I would LOVE to see undeniable evidence of CD in order to prove that instead of just having to say I don't know what happened...

My husband refuses to entertain anything that contradicts the NIST report. He believes there is no reason for them to lie to us...

ETA: I agree with you that we don't know what happened, but I'm able to think that either theory is a possibility, and it bothers me that my husband thinks anything that isn't government endorsed is "crazy" before even looking at it, so that's why I'm on this thread. :)

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Maybe he is in denial or just

Maybe he is in denial or just too busy in the "rat race" to care.

Ask your husband...

Why the NIST report never even entertained possibility of controlled demolition, instead shoveling out several "final" reports that still make no sense?

That's one of the big

That's one of the big problems with a lot of people,they simple don't want to believe that our own Government would do this to us so they don't even look at the evidence,if they did they would see that the official story is full of holes from the beginning to the end of that day.How can anyone possible believe it? And it just go's to prove how many people can be paid-off to make something like this happen.


what's "CD"?...EDIT: controlled demolition...I get it.

"I be up here eating peanuts

"I be up here eating peanuts watching the whole thing."

Good plan. You stay up there in the peanut gallery and stfu. Mmmk?

"The United States can pay any debt it has because we can always print money to do that." — Alan Greenspan

ecorob's picture

Easy as P-I-E.


its 'cos I owe ya, my young friend...
Rockin' the FREE world in Tennessee since 1957!
9/11 Truth.

I would say

1-2-7. ;)

The question(s)

I keep getting from my husband that I don't know how to answer...

Why would they demo the buildings? What was the motive for that? Why was planes hitting the towers not good enough?

He says that makes no sense whatsoever...

Can anyone help me with an explanation for him?

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Just the planes would not have made the buildings fall.

They wanted the buildings to fall. They wanted a really major catastrophe so they could do (justify) all the things that they did.

silverstein made millions

in insurance claims

and the buildings were not economically viable anymore. they were denied permission to bring them down. So, they found another way and make money doing it.


I've pointed that out to him too, but he thinks Silverstein just got lucky... that it was a coincidence.

He firmly believes that no one in the government would have conspired with him to do that.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Sue is right they needed to psychologically convince Americans

to accept going to war due to terrorism, but also they had massive financial issues starting with the enormous amount of lawsuits the SEC was dealing with over all the companies that were cooking their books to justify their stock prices. Remember Enron and all those accounting firms that were in deep do do?

Well that mostly went away when building 7 fell because that's where they had the lions share of records needed for prosecution. What about all that money made on those put options against the airlines involved. Nobody can tell me that just a lucky trader. These are just a few of many points of motivation that existed.

As far as the holes in their story, it's like a child that lies, the first lie in the story may have you saying well maybe but if they continue to lie to you, it starts to reach the point of absurdity pretty quickly. The only difference is the Gov has the MSM to back it up and not follow up on their lies because they are on the Government's payroll.

If they were on the up and up, they would not be trying to limit who could report news right now. Alternative media represents a major problem in a FREE society, when they want to take those freedoms away.

PS If you can get him to watch this, do so.


I agree

I've watched that video, but I seriously doubt he'll "waste" an hour on it.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie


we've all been there and that is why it is so frustrating.

there was no way planes could take down the buildings

and they knew that, they had to make it as evil and scary as possible, and I can guarantee you there was some chit in that building they did not want us to see. Consider it the collateral of printed money, blame the terrorists, not The Federal Reserve, so they want you to believe. It goes too deep to learn your husband in one day, keep dragging him along :).

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must. like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.-Thomas Paine

The R3volution requires action, not observation!!!!

They gave themselves away when Rumsfeld talked about 'shock...

...'shock and awe' in Iraq. They understand the need to deal a blow to the collective nervous system. Hunter Thompson called it "a nationwide nervous breakdown." For something as utterly, batsh!t insane as invading Iraq, it had to be a big one.

They needed that awful, gaping hole in the NYC skyline. I remember every time seeing it, right after it happened, wanting to cry. They needed thousands of people dying in that cruel, hideous way. The planes only caused a few hundred casualties.

They kept saying "they knocked out the nation's eye teeth."

It was shock and awe alright, what they did to Iraqis. But this one was for us.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

It had to be BIG

Just hitting the towers wouldn't be dramatic enough to put the American people into a state of shock and fear.... but repeatedly watching 2 buildings collapse and the loss of 3,000 lives would. They needed an event tragic enough to rally the people to such an outcry that they would allow passage of the Patriot Act, NDAA, creation of Homeland Security,TSA,fear mongering and a never ending, never winnable war for excuses to occupy the countries in which they were interested.


"shock and awe" that they could use for many years to come... I see that as motive, too, but it doesn't fly with him. He says planes flying into buildings is traumatic enough for all of that... no need to bring down the buildings.

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Ask your husband if he

Ask your husband if he supports Al queda. I mean the current administration.

They wanted to be double-damn sure

it worked. And it did. Some people cannot connect the dots and others WILL not connect the dots because they don't want the see the picture that the dots form when connected.

Nope. The first rule of politics is people forget

...people forget and get on with their lives. I remember thinking this is one that you can't forget. You always had that reminder, that awful reminder, in the NYC skyline.

To a younger generation it is perhaps hard to explain that we have not always been at war. We have not always had to take our shoes off at airports, like prisoners. It took a lot to get to where we are today, people cheering at drone attacks on Americans without a trial, giving up their rights to get the "terrorists." A couple of holes in two buildings would have been patched up and forgotten. But now everytime we ask "why are we doing this, submitting to this?" - a politician could point to the hole where something used to be, but it wasn't anymore.

And then that links to the images of that awful day, those poor people jumping, oh dear Lord those poor people. Some of them were on fire. And people on the ground were watching and crying, grown men crying, watching. And then they all died, all of them.

I'm still getting teary. But now I want the bastards who really did it.

Our Lord is mighty, and vengeance will be his. Oh yes it will come. But we can help drive them to the chopping block.

Release the Sandy Hook video.

What an excellent, excellent post, Sue.

I, too, want those who REALLY did it to be dealt justice without mercy since THEY had no mercy. Drive them to the chopping block...and how.