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My Presidential Debate Questions for Senator McCain

Senator John McCain,

The Comptroller General of the United States has said that the Federal Government's fiscal exposures totaled approximately $53 trillion as of Sept. 30, 2007. This translates into a current burden of $175,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States. Or said another way, every family currently owes the federal government $455,000. Considering your many years of expertise in government, and the fine group of financial advisors that you have assembled over the years, my questions to you are:

How long do I have in order to repay the $455,000 that my family owes, and what amount will you require me to repay each year? As President, are you planning to continue spending the same amount each year that we currently spend, or will you be shutting down government completely in order to allow me time to catch up? What about the war on terrorism, won’t that be in jeopardy if we have to shut down government completely in order to allow me time to catch up. Maybe we should at least keep that going, because if I am killed by a terrorist who will repay my share of the $455,000? (That was a stupid question.) Also once I retire and begin receiving my social security checks what percentage will you require me to give back to the government for repayment of this debt, and will I still have to pay taxes on that amount? (I am so confused). Also, do I still have to pay back my current bills or should I just quit now and begin repaying the Federal Governments burden? Are their any interest and penalties in doing so? Another question, if I mysteriously die early will the $455,000 amount that I still owe be split evenly across each surviving family member, or will each surviving member be declared a new family unit with his/her own $455,000 repayment burden? Oh, and just one more thing Senator McCain…will I have to follow this same repayment principle for my State and Local Governments? Well, thanks for your help and expertise in this matter. It sure is a load off of my mind to know that there is actually someone running for President who can figure out all of these tough questions. Thanks once again.


A Concerned Citizen of the People’s Republic of the United States of China

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He answers the same everytime

McCain: "My friends" we have to stop spending. I will eliminate pork barrel spending. Phil Gramm and Jack Kemp have supported me and both understand how important these things are. I was the one fighting for stopping the "bridge to nowhere". "I know how to get the job done and the Islamo-Fascists know that"

This is his answer on every and any question.....