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Anyone Know?

A week or so ago there was a thread going about one of the other candidates raising 7 million so far this month. Since I can't believe this was from regular doners I was wondering if they had taken the matching funds and were trying to pass it off as donations.

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was maccain, but most of it

was maccain, but most of it was probably for the general election.

remember Romney's 4 million that only 1.5 mill turned out to be for the primaries.

besides maccain probably has a lot of debt, hes running on fumes


I can’t believe that he got 7 mill. in regular donations in January.
6 mill. would be about right by my estimates for the “Matching Funds”
plus 1 mill. from donations which is more inline with his donation levels
to date. But your right, he is running on fumes esp. when you think how much
he spent in SC and Florida .