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Things You Never Hear From Computer/Console Gamers

1. Every player should get an uber handout.
2. All avatars should be compelled to possess equal skills at all times.
3. In game auctions should include a /printMoney purchase option for those really great items you can't afford yet.
4. All targeting should be by auto aim to handicap gamers with exceptional mouse coordination.
5. If one person gets a power-up it's benefits should be redistributed equally to all players.

This is just a short list to stimulate a conversation. Computer/console games have likely been the best thing for capitalism since sliced bread. Exceptional comments below may be co-opted for inclusion in the OP. :)

List of additions based on exceptional comments:

6. TBA

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Players should be severely

Players should be severely punished for exploiting the unintended consequences of a flawed system.

It is mandatory that all avatars carry health insurance

Please deposit $20 now or you will die!

used to be...

i used to think all those were true until i played World of Warcraft.

I use Blue Wave, but don't expect one of THEIR silly taglines.


not a wow player. But will 2v2 with anyone in Star Craft2 lol

I am not gamer but I would guess

that the object of most games is not to reach equality.


I've been organizing and running tournaments and game events for years now, there's a term many of my attendees are familiar with and that is the term "scrub".
If you are not familiar with what a scrub is, I would define it as a player who imposes out-of-game rules onto players so they have a better chance at winning.
The kind of reasoning for these rules are things like "That's such a cheap move" or "your character is broken". Which then turns into their opponent not "allowed" to use the move or character.
Of course with "rules" such as these the scrubs usually don't win anyway and end up rage quitting and making up excuses why they lost until they can think up some more rules so they can win.

Sound familiar?

This same kind of behavior is all over society, especially when thinking about the phrases I've heard from the scrubby rule makers in politics saying things like "too big to fail", "Trickle-down economics", and how other country's weapons are just too good for them to have (but perfectly fine for their country to use).

The way we fix things in tournaments? Kick the scrubs/banksters out and let the competition/free market determine the winners.


I thought "scrub" was equivalent to "noob"

Progressive gaming

--- It is obscene that some players are able to accumulate very high scores at the expense of all the other, less skilled players.
--- The purpose of playing the game is to keep the game going for all. Your individual score only has meaning and value for its part in keeping the game going for all players.
--- Those with lots of free time must play many hours per day, in order to provide a rich gaming experience to those with little free time.
--- Respect the Developers:
Honor those who sacrifice their own ability to earn points in order to bring you the game.
Do not resent those who take a share of every players' points for their own account.
Attack only those who the developers designate as the enemy.

Good educating analogy.


Currencies in MMOs were

Currencies in MMOs were always precious metals.

Southern Agrarian

#3 is absolutely correct in

#3 is absolutely correct in any mmorgpg. Players caught cheating by attempting to manipulate an in-game economy by: hacks, glitches, hiring bots to play for you ,etc., usually get banned if discovered.