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Transfer a secret audio message by poking someone with your finger

[I can already imagine the comments on this one.]

13 September 13 by Olivia Solon

Disney researchers have developed a microphone that lets a user record a voice message and then relay that message to another person simply by touching them with a finger.

The microphone converts the voice message into an inaudible signal which is transmitted to the body of the person holding the microphone as an inaudible signal. It can then be transmitted from that person's body to another person's body through touch. The recorded sound only becomes audible when touching someone else's ear. Their ear canal acts as a sort of speaker, allowing them to listen to a secret finger-transmitted message. The sound can't be heard by anyone else but the person being touched.

read more http://www.wired.co.uk/news/archive/2013-09/13/disney-touch-...

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