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Help create the MASSterplan...money bomb? A project that needs to be made!

Hey guys. I don't know if we have many gym enthusiasts here...but I want to show ya'll a project that needs funding in hopes that some of my fellow DPers will help raise the money needed to make the project a reality.

CT Fletcher is a body builder/motivator/trainer who is attempting to make a movie about his life & everything he has learned over the years of training. I realize some people might find CT's speech offensive...but it works. He's the ultimate motivator when it comes to pushing yourself & striving to improve yourself physically.

I know some might wonder why the hell i'm posting this on THIS site...but I think the gym mentality & CT's philosophy on life is very in line with our libertarian/conservative ideals. He's all about bettering yourself, improving your lifestyle & health all through your own hard work. No handouts...no help...just 100% hard work ethic. There is no "magic pill"...it takes hard work & dedication.

If you've never seen any of his videos...check them out at...

And...if you'd like to donate to the project visit...

And...no, i am not trolling...i've been a member here for years. I just wanted to share this with my DP family.

Ya'll take care!

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