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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly,-Report from the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference in KC, MO 9-15-13

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Ugliest,-Report from the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference in KC, MO 9-15-13

Just got back from the conference.

The Good: The Ron Paul activists who attend and have made relationships with the party structure are being accepted. We are here to stay and the leadership is accepting that fact. Rand Paul is viewed positively and is one of the poster childern. I had several people tell me that Ron Paul was right and that they wished they would have realized that sooner.

The Bad: There are still those die hard RP haters that have taken 08 and 12 personally. Don't waste your energy on them, but realize they do still exist.

The Ugly: Santorum is building to announce for 2016. He gave a speech that frankly scared me. "We need to hit Syria, use the power of the state to force moral behavior, and double down on making the religious right a political force. (On the good side, he is occupying himself with starting a moral based entertainment company. I hope it's successful and it becomes his main goal to divert his energy away from politics.)

The Ugliest: The flag and the cross are still the litmus test for approved red meat speeches. It is required to honor any past military action and pronounce that morality is the hallmark of the GOP. Phrases like "Our soldiers died for our freedom in Iraq" and "Democrats are morally bankrupt" are common fare.

Overall bottom line is this. The Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Greens, and every other party are really weak organizations looking for the magic bullet that will convince voters to support their cause and bring in donations. We have the answer. It's very simple. It's the Bush campaign of 2000. A humble foreign policy and a government that lets honest people run their own lives.

Here's my plea to everyone on the DP. Please stay engaged in the system by showing up at a central committee meeting, or passing out business cards that list our goals, or canvassing your neighborhood, or what ever you can do to spread the message of liberty.

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So if political parties and the media exist to serve the big money interests, how do you know in the end if they won't again squash a candidate for limited spending?

Sort of like asking a Baptist church to welcome a bunch of atheists, isn't it?

Not sure that I understand

Not sure that I understand the question. If you are asking how to keep corruption out of politics, then here's my answer. It seems that humans will attempt to corrupt any concentration of power or wealth. Thus, the best solution that I have found is to keep the public concentrations of power as near to the electorate as possible. People in voting societies eventually get the government they deserve. Lack of participation begets tyranny. Engaged electorates produce responsive politicians. Ignorant populations end up getting manipulated. Sick populations get pushed around. Moral societies get ethical situations. ect

Did the see the bus in front?

Hey we were just there. I work for a company called Gadsden Films, we're shooting a documentary calling for an end to the IRS. We were parked in front of that event all weekend with our giant black bus that reads "UnFair" with the IRS logo on it.

I'm kind of the token liberty guy in the company, the one who makes sure we interview liberty and Ron Paul people wherever we film. Some of the others in the company agree with me to various degrees, but they're social cons who think ending the IRS will make people stop being gay (or something like that).

Check us out on facebook: UnFair the Movie. We hope to have Dr. Paul in the final cut if we can arrange an interview.

Yes, I did see the big bus.

Yes, I did see the big bus. It was right next to the parking entrance. I've got a question for you. Are you putting a section in your film showing the connection between the IRS and the Federal Reserve? It's not an accident they both started in the same year.

Totally agree

when economics31 says, "Here's my plea to everyone on the DP. Please stay engaged".

It's amazing how quickly a person can move up the structure of the party. Rand needs us to be there as 2016 approaches.

Peace and Liberty,


Dr. Mike Vasovski
South Carolina Campaign Chairman, Ron Paul 2012
The SINGLE vote in the SC delegation for RP, GOP Convention, Tampa, FL
2010 Candidate, US Congress SC-03
Past Chairman, Aiken, SC County Tea Party

Gilligan's picture

yes. With our numbers in th gop now,

No liberty candidates will get screwed as badly as Dr Paul did in 2012.

Google is government.

I hope it doesn't happen

I hope it doesn't happen again. They understand that we are a sizable percentage of the base and the need to work with us. However, I'm not convinced we have imposed enough pressure on the system that they wouldn't try to abuse us again to their advantage. It will take a constant consistent message of Sound Money, Non aggressive FP, and Limited Federal Gov.