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'Safer' through more 'Security"

Easier security screening promised at OIA, if you pay
By Mark K. Matthews, Orlando Sentinel
September 15, 2013

WASHINGTON — Getting through Orlando International Airport is about to get easier — if you're willing to spend $85 and get fingerprinted.

By the end of next month, the Transportation Security Administration plans to double the number of "PreCheck" lanes at OIA from two to four, an expansion that will allow more passengers to zip through security without the hassle of removing their shoes and belts or taking their laptops out of their cases.

And the PreCheck program, previously limited to a small group of fliers, is going to be available to everyone starting this fall. What's required is an online application, an $85 fee and then a visit to a TSA "enrollment site" to provide fingerprints and proof of identity. The PreCheck clearance is valid for five years...

[More taxation for 'services' unneeded. But NOW, al-Qaeda, (with only $85 dollars helpfully provided by U.S. taxpayer's money), can slip past TSA with their Glocks, knives & bombs? Poor people continue getting 'gripped & groped'.]

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