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New Idea: The Daily Paul Poll and the Ron Paul Debate Focus Group

I know that I am not alone in my mistrust of the mainstream media. But up to now, I have been unquestioning of the polls that we are inundated with.
I suggest the following:
A Daily Paul Poll, (scientific, and not online), that attempts to accurately gauge Ron Paul's support in key states. At the very least, it will ensure the other polls are honest. But why do we trust them? I know that SurveyUSA didn't even include Ron Paul in their polls for months, despite double digit numbers in some states (see pollster.com for proof). With our own poll, we can verify what other polls are telling us, or prove that polls provided to us by the media must be examined. Another avenue might be for the official campaign to release its internal polling, if they exist, as the next step in transparency in politics, just as there is transparency in the online donations, in real time. Or the campaign could help fund this endeavour to check the polls. We could include samples from cell phones as well.

A second idea: How about an independent focus group, that does the "dial-a-meter" response in real-time for the next debate in California. I want something we can watch and believe is accurate, not some hand-picked group like we've seen with frank luntz. Then, we can post on Youtube and show the world.
I want legitimate media, and if we can't get legitimate coverage and analysis from the major networks, I say it's time to start our own.
The resources of our movement is vast, and I think it would be a worthy venture. Thoughts anyone?

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